A earthquake shook Elmore in the middle of the night, and Elmore is split into two!

Author's note:

I was inactive for a long time, and when I saw CartoonFan's movie, I was inspired. So enjoy the first part of "Disaster Strikes Elmore!"

Onto the story...

You might have heard the tragic accident in the middle of the night if you were watching the news. What you don't know is how serious it really is. Of course, you must have just yawned and turned off the television, but the people of Elmore couldn't turn off the TV, couldn't erase the memory from their heads. Especially one cat. One special cat, who learned that you should cherish what you have. Let's start in the beginning, shall we?

Day 1: Before the Accident; 1:34 P.M
Gumball: Okay...just look at the hoop...and...
-Gumball thrusts the basketball up to the hoop, but misses badly-
Gumball: No! I FAILED...AGAIN! I'll never make it in the basketball team now...and Penny will never love me!
Darwin: Don't worry, Gumball! You can do it! See, just do this!
-Darwin does a complicated pose and flings the basketball to the hoop, hitting the back board and makes a basket-
Darwin: See? It's easy.
Gumball: ...Ah...
-A moose; whose name is Mr.Moose; comes in-
Gumball: Oh man, it's the basketball coach!
Mr.Moose: Who was it?!
Both Gumball and Darwin: Who was what?
Mr.Moose: The one who made that basket, that's who!
-Darwin raises his hand-
Mr.Moose: Well kid, you have talent. And I'm here to exploit that talent, by giving you a position in the basketball team!
Darwin: Yay!
-Darwin looks at Gumball-
Darwin: Oh, sorry Gumball...
-Gumball stomps out of the gym, slamming the door behind his back-

Day 1: At night; 11:56
Gumball: Stupid Darwin for stealing my spot in the Basketball team! Stupid Fireball for deleting and essay I actually WORKED on! Stupid Mom and Dad for not even caring! ...Everyone is just so stupid, taking my stuff, deleting, not even loving me! I hate it! I wish they ALL GO AWAY!
-Gumball closes his eyes when he feels a rumble-
Gumball: Oh no...Is this...what I think it is?!