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As of November 12, 2011, the Gumbapedia fanon wiki has reached 100 pages! To celebrate, any fan-fiction creator can make their own mini-fanfiction below.



Gumball had read all the horror books in the house and it was Halloween night. He needed a fright so he read "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe. After reading it, he went to bed. He then had a dream where a man in black walked in on him. The figure then grabbed him and jabbed his eye out. He then took him to a tree where he was hung. Gumball woke up screaming. Happy Halloween Gumball.


Gumball and Darwin are cutting up toilet paper for their Halloween costume. Nicole walks in.

Nicole: Boys! What are you doing to the toilet paper!

Darwin: We're making our Halloween costumes! For Halloween!

Gumball: We are going to be... GHOSTS!

Nicole: ...Oh, ok. Just don't make a mess!

-Nicole walks away-

Gumball: Darwin, we're not gonna use ketchup on our costume! It's unnatural.

Darwin: Well fine then!

-Darwin's slippery hand accidentally lets go of the ketchup bottle-

Gumball: Our costumes! Mom will KILL us!

To be continued... or not.


Karly, Darwin, Bobu and Tobias walk around the Overworld, watching all of the dead souls make christmas decorations. "I never knew the dead still had christmas." Tobias said as they were walking. "Oh yeah, this happens alot. Christmas is a favorite holiday here, ya know?" Bobu says to Tobias. "Why dont we celebrate down here?" Darwin asked. Bobu looked and nodded. At the day of christmas, the four of them showed up in Bobu's house. It was a one story building with a drab color of gray. In the middle laid a huge tree. "It's a bad place to celebrate at, but atleast it has a christmas tree...right?"

Bobu looks up at the mistletoe. "And plus, one of us may be lucky to get a kiss." he says pointing to the mistletoe. He leans to Darwins ear and whispers: "Darwin, maybe you could...umm...get Karly to stand there?"

Darwin looked at him with surprise.

To be continued...

Darwin 3288765

The morning sun of Saturday bursted through the windows of the Watterson's house. Their was only one problem: Gumball was still obssessed with the game! After failing to keep his promise, Darwin tries other ways to make Gumball stop playing. Here are his results:


Darwin: Hey Gumball, Tobias is asking us to play basketball at his house! Wanna come?

Gumball: Can't talk, must play!


Darwin: Gumball, Anais said that she can beat you in toe-wrestling. Wanna prover her wrong?

Gumball: Find someone else! I'm playing!


Darwin: Gu-

Gumball: No!

After these disturbing results, Gumball's brain literally gets smaller and smaller because of his obssession with the game. Can Darwin save his best buddy from complete destruction because of the game?


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