This is the list of deaths of the show.


Gumball: (In an tuxedo.) 2012 was a year of deaths,injures.and arrests. We will now show you those who are no longer with least some of those....

(Shows montages on kills,injuries,and arreset from previos episodes.)

Episodes Shown and The Kills in order

The FPS (Timmy Brewer /The Moon.)

The Valantine  (Nerd)

The Pigs (The three little pigs.)

The Letter From Emily (Emily Cartridge.)

The Case Finale  (Emily Cartridge)

The Uncle Gunbamb Show (episode 1) plz kil spoderman (Spoderman)

The Comedy  (Some fake fanons and real ones.)

How to Act Natural Without Really Trying (Fish-Paste)

The Creator (Agentpman1)

The Earring  (Gumball)

The Fireball Adventure (Anias/Penny/Aguilera/Darwin.)

The Fireball Adventure Deleted Scene (Darwin)

Bab Seed (Gumball) (Gumball,Anias,Carrie.)

Brains! (Fireball Brad Watterson.)

Disease (Part 10) (Elmore resedents.)

Disease (Part 3) (Masami.)

The Orphans Deleted Scene (Sullvan Dog)

The Oven (Richard Watterson.)

The Rememberance (Dr.Eleplant.)

The Dog Prank (Sullvan)

The Bully (Tooth,Mirranda Vendia,Jamie,Sullvan,Blimp,Plane.)

You Can't Smash This (Elmore Resedents like Purple Moose,Gym Bacon,and Dog Employee

The Frogoten (I'LL TELL YA LATER!)

The Pest (Doodlelean Dog.)

The Foot (Darwin.)

The Tail (Jonh.)

PVZ Gumball (Zombies.)

The Sullvan (Dark Gumball.)

Skylar.MOV (Skylar Peterson.)

Skylar vs Doodlelean  (Doodlelean Dog.)

Aguilera.Mov  (Aguilera Anna Garven.)

The Amazing World of Gumball the Movie:The Trip (Dr. Mimi/Gaurds/Blimp)

The Cops (Buddy and Cheese.)

The Back (Agentpman)

PVZ Gumball again (Zomibes)

Gumball Style (OTHER)  (Candy monster/PSY.)

Buddy Cops (Theifs/Mostace man/Fish-Paste)

The Monster  (Butterfly.) (Parody Fireball)

Sullvan.MOV (Daisy/Fireball)

Dog.MOV (Fireball)

Time to burn (Too much!!)

The End of It

The End of Elmore: GAME OVER, Return of Emily (Part 5 of 5)

The Rock (Sullvan Dog.)

The Gumball and Chowder crossover (Trevor the Torturer)

The Human/Behind the scenes.  (Screen)


This is a parody of Annoying Orange:2012 KILLS!

Second time we go over the deaths after List of The Gumbapedia Deaths.

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