OMG we did it! This wiki has 400 pages! 400 pages I tell you! It come a long way since this wiki was just starting-out with few editors and only 13 pages. Now it just about 9 [?] months we have more editors and more pages. We all owe it to these pioneers:

  • GumbalFan2
  • MissingNo.
  • Gumball2
  • Doctor.wii
  • FanFStory
  • Cartoonfan7360
  • And of course- me, Darwin3288765

Let us celebrate this wiki reaching 400 pages by each of us creating a unique short fan-fic about TAWOG in the section below. Here's for 500 - no, scratch that - here's for 600!

                                               Sincerly, Darwin3288765

Short Stories cometh

Darwin 3288765

Darwin and Gumball are in the living room playing games.

Darwin: Gumball, playing Street Fighter is boring. Can we just play Homefront?

Gumball: No.

Darwin: But -

Gumball: I said no! Now get outta here!

Darwin: Fine. -sniff- I'll just leave.

Darwin enters the kitchen.

Five minutes later . . .

Nicole: GUMBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gumball: Uh oh.

NEVER mess with Darwin - or he will get you too.

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