Hi! This is Abbeybunny. This list will list each episode in my "Fanfictions made by Abbeybunny" category and the typical "Season 2" category. Some episodes actually exist, and some are just there for a spoiler.

  1. The Orphans: Richard finds six orphans on the doorstep of the Wattersons.
  2. The Students: After three new students move to Elmore Junior High, Gumball falls in love with one of the new students named Heather.
  3. The Teacher: Juli gets a new teacher named Mrs. Hopp who Miss Simian seems to dislike.
  4. The Battle: Heather's ex-boyfriend Buck challenges Elmore Junior High to a battle with his school, Catalvia Junior High.
  5. The Treehouse: Heather invites Gumball to her treehouse.
  6. The Birthday: Gumball invites over his friends for his 13th birthday party.
  7. The Event: Heather invites all of Elmore Junior High to a gaming event at Arcade Games Galore.
  8. The Vacation: Gumball and his family go on vacation with everyone in Elmore Junior High to an amusement park named Snake Amusement Park.

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