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July 22, 2012


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Series Synopsis

Aguilera's World is About Aguilera's, Gumball's, Martha's, Cobby's, Mabel's, Darwin's, And Fireball's High School Life. Aguilera has grown more Crazy over the years and has Become a Big Party Animal, Gumball and Martha has grown more Mature, Mabel has become more Sillier and is more Polite, And Darwin, Cobby and Fireball are Pretty Much the Same


  • Aguilera Mentioned in the First Episode that she was 17, That means Fireball is 17, Gumball and Penny and Masami are 16, and Darwin is 14

List of Deaths

There is 4 Characters who has Been killed in Aguilera's World

  • Mr.Small (Mentioned by Fluff Boy, Masami pulled her Guards on him)
  • Masami (Exploded by Aguilera's Apple Pie
  • Carmen (Shot by Mysterious Criminal)
  • Principal Brown (Also Shot by Mysterious Person)
  • Jamie (Hit by a Truck)



She's a Seventeen Year old Giggly, Cheery, Fun-Loving, enthusiastic and a Party Animal, Aguilera is a Rainbow Creature, She is Fireball Watterson's Girlfriend (Since the 7th Grade), She's not so Smart. In the First Episode she Believed she was Pregnant even Though Having Menstruation. She said the Nurse that she was Super Emotional, She was Eating all the Time, And she Read the weirdest Magazines, She's also Shown to be Pretty Crazy, Like when she Gave Masami a Apple Pie that She Ate and Blow her Up

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