Age Possibly 11 or 12
Gender Trans Female
Aliases Alex
Residence Elmore
Species Cat
Friends Skylar (best friend)



Enemies Maddie (moderately)
Relatives Susan (mother)

Unknown father

Debut The Dance

Alexis is a brown cat and a main character from Skylarverse.


Alexis is a petite slender brown cat with dark blue hair styled in a bob cut. She wears a pink cheerleader outfit. She wears pink boots and long white socks.


She is 50/50 on the whole girly-girl and tomboy thing. She is a minor character, usually seen in the background or, most commonly, shyly hiding behind Skylar whenever she talks to someone. This shows that she is a very shy and quiet cat. She shows interest in ballet, music and gossip. Besides that, not much is really known about her quite yet. 


  • It is hinted that her father is either dead or her parents are divorced.
  • It is hinted she lives a few houses away from Skylar's.
  • She is the main character with the least appearances so far

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