When a newcomer comes to Elmore he seeks vengence upon all of Elmore


One day (around 9:00 PM) I was walking home from my great date with Penny thinking how great life was when I heard a rustling in some bushes on the other side of the street. "Wha-" But that was all that I could say because suddenly a big dark grey dog jumped out growling at me. I was never so scared in my whole life I mean this dog had huge sharp teeth and bright red eyes and in fact when the dog was growling at me I noticed that there was a red liquid on the dog's teeth. "Uh nice doggy, good doggy." I said shakly but the rabid dog wouldn't back of and he started to slowly approch me snapping it's sharp jaws. "Okay just need to stay calm. So I need to-HELP HELP A RABID DOG'S ATTACKING ME!!!!" I kept on yelling and yelling hoping that someone would come and save me from this rabid dog. No one was coming though and the dog was now so close to me that I could feel it's breath. Man this dog's breath is really cold and I don't think that anyone's going to come. And as the rabid dog was about to bit off my head a bear came out of the house across the street and was wondering around trying to see what had made all of the noise. "HELP I OVER HERE A HUGE DOG IS ATTACKING ME, HELP!!!!!!" I then heard the bear running towards me but when the dog heard the bear coming it did something really strange, thee dog melted on the grass and then the dog's melted body soaked into the grass. "Few, wait what's that letter doing?" I said as I picked up the strange letter. And when I opened it it said

You and all of Elmore will pay for what you did to my home Alkmer. Know this you weakling cat I AM COMING BACK SOON. This fight isn't close to being over. Sincerely The Dark One.

Whoa creepy letter. But I just stood up and dusted myself off. "Well time to leave." I then started walking home. And as I walked home a in a blue bathrobe asked me if I had seen anyone being attacked by a dog. "No , sorry I haven't." When i said that I started walking to my house away from the confused bear. Okay all that I have to do is find a way to get away from 'The Dark One'. But now to go home and get some sleep.


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