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Schooler's Digest (which first appeared in The Newspaper), takes an exclusive interview with The Amazing World of Gumball actor Gumball Watterson.


Me: Say, Gumball Watterson, what type of cat are you?

Gumball: I dunno. That's for the producer to figure out.

(Have laughs)

Gumball: No, really. I think I'm a tabby cat, or a Russian Blue cat.

Me: OK... The next question is a bit weird, but fans always ask me... Who's your actually girlfriend?

Gumball: It's hard to say... At first I loved Penny, but I now think it was a waste of time. Then, when Martha appeared in the city, I immediatly fell in love with her. She thinks about me I'm more a "lil' brother" for her.

(Have laughs)


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