Summary: Gumball and Darwin struggle to apologize to Martha after an accident.


Several hours ago.

Darwin: Right . . . . there!

Gumball: Are you sure this is gonna work?

Darwin: It has too! Now just pull-back the rubber band and fire!

Gumball: But how do you know if it'll hit the Nuttels' window?

Darwin: Oh well, I guess we'll never get our money back.

Darwin starts to walk away.

Gumball: All right I'll do it!

Darwin: OK, fire it then!

Gumball fires the slingshot and it breks the Nuttels' window as expected, but Martha was standing right in the path of the tenis-ball andit hits her in the eye.

Martha: OUCH!

Gumball: Oh gosh! I think we just hit Martha in the eye with our ball!

Darwin: What are we gonna do?

Gumball: This was your idea, so go tell him it was your fault.

Darwin: WHAT?! Your the one who actually fired the thing! You tell him!

Nicole: Boys, come in the house please! I found a ninja and a cat in the attic!

Gumball and Darwin: Or Cobby.

Gumball and Darwin go inside the house.

Nicole: I want ninjas and cats to tell me who did this.

Martha: Nah, Mrs. Gumball's mom. They have no fault...

Nicole: No, no, nooo... Martha, dear, please excuse us...

Gumball: Mom, it was Darwin's fault.

Darwin: WHAT?! Your the one who fired it!

Gumball: Your the one who came-up with the idea!

Nicole: As far as I'm concerned, both of you responsible for this. So both of you will have to pay Martha's hospital bill.

Gumball: Why does he have to go to the hospital? She only got hit in the eye!

Nicole: Her eyesight is gone thanks to you! We have to go to the hopsital to make sure you didn't blind her!

Martha: WHAT! I can see...

Cobby: : No, we must have care of you. You're hurt.


Gumball: But how do we come-up with the money?

Nicole: Oh I know how.

Gumball and Darwin are standing behind a counter in their front yard. A sign above them says "Yard sale! Help pay for Martha's hospital bill!" The tables are filled with Gumball and Darwin's belongings for sale. Suddenly Nicole's carcomesin through the driveway. Nicole comes out of the car with Martha, whos right eye is bandaged.

Nicole: Now boys, I'm sure you have something. To say to the poor girl.

Gumball and Darwin: We're sorry.

Martha: It's OK.

Nicole guides Martha into the house.

Martha: I don't need guide!

Nicole: Oh, and after the yardsale return to your room because you're grounded for a week.

Gumball and Darwin: Aww man!!!

Dressing: SING!

Mabel: What?

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