From the ideas of Ask Dr.wii and Ask Fireball Watterson, I proudly bring you Ask FanFStory (Or my OC's!)


How would you describe my OC Fireball?

Answer: Well, In my opinion, He's possibly one of my favorite chracters. I mean, your Fan-Fiction's represent him so much, and I barly have a decent OC myself (Unless you count the failure series I made long ago.) Fireball is great. By far one of my favorites, but maybe you can work on Cheryl...(My OTHER Favorite.)

Darwin 3288765

What's your favorite Gumball fan-fic on this Wiki?

Answer: Tough one. There are many, many Fan-Fictions, and the Emily Cartridge series was REALLY good. I would say my favorite is the Emily Cartridge series, but that wouldn't be fair, cause we all know its good. The Disease Fan-Fiction and The Case (Yours) was really good also. So if I could choose two (Not counting Emily Cartridge) would be The Case and Disease (Part 1)

A wikia person

Who is your favorite gumball OC of All time?

Answer: JEEZ. You people give me tough questions. Lets see....I say Emily Cartridge cause she is just very well made and evil. >:D Stace would be next, I mean, who DOESNT like a walking teddy bear?!

Another wikia person

Who is the gumball OC you least like?

Answer: Wooooh boy. I can't really say one on the top of my head. All the OC's are great, and I personally don't hate any of them. If I could say one, I would say (Sorry in advance) Arguilera Garven. She's not bad, per say, but I just don't like her as much as Cheryl or Emily or Fireball.

Docter.wii (AGAIN)

Did you read my Fan-Fiction Lost in the Land?

Answer: No, not yet.

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