This is the first episode of Ask Sullvan. 


Sullvan want's to answer your questions.


Sullvan: Hey,guys! You should be wondering, Hey, what do I do? What is this? What is that ? Why is this? Why is that? Well I'll tell you now! Lets start the questions! But from the gang.

Narrator: Darwin ask: Why do you hate people that swear?

S: I don't want the show to be cancelled........... I hate it............... aannnnnddd.......I broke the 4th wall................

N: Skylar asked: Can you squirt chillie water into Human Gumball's eye? 

S: Yeah! Watch! Hey Skin-guy!

Human Gumball: Yeah!

S: (Squirts water into Human Gumball's eye.)


N: Gumball asked: How long is you tough?

S: (Wearing a cool jacket.) My tough is forever!

Mirranda: Orly?

S: (Throws glasses on the floor.) FOREVER!!!!!

N: Heather asked: Can you do FUS RO DAH on a cell?

S: Sure! FUS RO DAH!!!!! (Shoots laser with hands and finds out that it was Emily's cell and she breaks out.)

Emily: Thanks! (Leaves while the police are sleeping.)

S: 8[  None of you guys saw that....... (Runs.)

N: Anias asked: I'm being bullied. What should I do?

S: It's Simple! Work out your legs, the him slash her well ussaly him to meet him in an secret area out of school, When your there, kick him in the nuts, WINNER!!! If its a girl, just do what you ussally do when you bullied. It's easy! HAHAHAHAHA Darwin's dumb..........

S: Well, thats all folks! But intil then, comment your question bellow!!!!!!!! See ya!!!!

Ask Questions

Tell me you questions and when we get anough questions, we'll be back! See you!

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