Bethany Lopez

Beth Totally Gotta A New Look! :)

Beth Lopez Is A Paci-Fish Who Debuted in The New Girl She Is More Like Edd Off Of Ed, Edd n Eddy She Might Tell Her Sister Something Every Time She Gets In Trouble


She Has Brown Hair Tied In A Ponytail (Which Is A Hair Clip) A Light Pink Firey Thingy On The Botton On Her Bang Green Eyes A Hot Pink Striped Shirt a Light Lavender Skirt w/ Lighter Pink Leggings And Pinky Pink Shoes With The Hearts On Them


She Is Smart As HECK! I OUGHTA TELL YA! and She Is A Pacifist Who Is A Peacemaker

Accounts and Join Dates

Her YouTube Account Is LinkinEvanescenceTV She Joined On 05/13/2009, Her deviantART Account Is EddMarch4Ever She Joined deviantART On Her Birthday April 30 2009, Her Stardoll Account Is MewMew10 She Joined Stardoll On 03/27/2010, Her KidzBop Account is Beth10 She Joined KidzBop On 02/14/2009 and Her Cartoon Network Account is SmartyBeth she Joined Cartoon Network on 07/22/2009


  • She Was Based on Jennifer Lopez
  • In The New Girl It Is Revealed That She Is A Pacifist and That She Won't Hit or Hurt Anyone
  • She Is Part Japanese, Hispanic and English
  • She Might Appear In Future Episodes Of The Amazing World of Gumball

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