Agentpman1's Birthday


Sullvan: Babababababababababababababababababa-

Fireball: Sheshesheshesheshesheshesheshesheshe-

Mirranda: Mamamamamamamamamamamamamama-

F: WOAH WOAH WOAH! Wait up you guys! Were are we?

S: Some place called Tooth's home.

M: Wait. Isn't tooth the same guy that bullied all of us when we were younger?

F: Hhmmmmm.....

(Shows flashback of when the gang was younger.)

Tooth: Hey,Fireball! Guess what!

Fireball: What?

(Tooth farts on Fireball's face for 5 seconds.)

(Fireball faints.)

(Second flashback.)

(Shows tooth kicking Mirranda.)

T: Ha! Take that,idiot! Badaboom!

(Shows Mirranda injured.)

M: tottaly got me! Ow!

(Third flashback.)

S: (With an adorable face.) Oh well watta you know! A blender!

T: Wanna closer view?

S: Sure!

T First put you head in and put your face on the fan like thing.

S: OK! (Puts head in blender.)

T: Now i'll turn it on! (Turns on blender.)


(Flashback ends.)



Fireball: Dude! Did you HAVE to make fun of Tooth's name?


Tooth: You 3 are dead!

S: Don't worry,guys! Iv'e got this!

(Tooth chops Sullvan in half.)

S: Is that all you got?

(Tooth throws Sullvan to a plane and goes through it taking a really sharp piece and pops a blimp.)

Fireball and Mirranda: Oh god!!!!!!!!



(Fireball and Mirranda are seen brused and Tooth is knocked out.)

M: Man! I didn't know you can do that!

F: Yeah! Me ne- (Looks up.) Uh Oh....(runs.)

M: What? 

(Mirranda gets crushed by a blimp and plane and Sullbvan pops out of them.)

S: Don't worry,viewers! I'm okay!!!!!!


In The Trip, The Watterson go into a blimp. In the end, The blimp pops. In this, Sullvan hits a blimp that look alot like the one from the movie. That might be the blimp and it could be the reason the blimp poped in the end.

Also, if you look SUPER fastly in the end on The Trip Right about when the blimp was about to pop, you can see a blue dot and if you hear very closley, you can hear a scream. This might have been Sullvan.

Somehow, when the Blimp and plane land, the are perfectly safe.

This episode marks the death of Mirranda Vendia. (Crushed.)

Sullvan breaks the fourth wall. He says Don't worry,viewers! I'm okay!

6th time Gumball dosent appear.

100th time Felix Dog nor Max Dog.

Even though it's a birthday special, It is just the same but with a picture of Agentpman1's cartoon verson smiling putting his thumb up, and wering a party hat. And it says, HAPPY BIRTHDAY,AGENTPMAN1!!! The Comedy was another special and was more better.

Tooth is the one who bullied Gumball,Carrie,and Anias in Bab Seed (Gumball).


I AM NOW 11! YAY!!!!!!

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