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Continuation of The End of Elmore Saga.

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The End of Elmore, Part 4

The end unfolds . . .


The trio of three were all sad with guiltiness. They felt that they should've helped Tobias get Gumball free. But Penny was the one who took it the hardest. As soon as the trio of friends reached the junkyard, Penny began a slight mental breakdown. Stacy tried to comfort her, but her efforts were futile. As the three friends found salvage in a rusty car, they noticed two police cruisers coming into the area that the three were hiding in. Out stepped two cops, both donuts.

"Remember his orders," one said, "search and destroy." The last part of the sentences sent shivers down all three friend's spines. And then, the police officers began to walk closer to the trio's hiding place. Closer they came, and closer, and closer . . . . then whoop! The trio of friends were gone.

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING STORY PLOT WAS RECORDED BY THE ELMORE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL CAMERAS AT APPROXIMENTALY 9:56:09 P.M.--------------------------------------------------------------------

Mayor Vanderwick stood at the footsteps of the school. He walked inside the school as his men brung him the two prisoners.

"Gumball Wallace Watterson." he said. "What a pleasure to imprison you." Gumball made an angered cat noise and attempted to escape the grip of the guards, but was unsuccessful.

"Silly, silly," the mayor taunted, "there's not a chance in the world of escape." He looked at Tobias.

"I should've known you would come here." Mayor Vanderwick said. "Luckily for you I have learned your little game. You will not foil my plans again, Tobias Waterfourth II. Because now," the mayor put his face gainst Tobias', "I have the moves."

The mayor looked at his guards.

"Take them away," he commanded - and as soon as the words left his mouth the guards dragged Gumball and Tobias to the cafeteria. The mayor walked towards a classroom. He spotted Miss Simian and Principal Brown conversing.

"Well," the mayor said, "now it is time for my return."

RECORDING ENDED--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Darwin woke-up. He found himself in a strange place, almost like a - clubhouse. Suddenly he noticed Penny and Stacy both waking-up.

"Where are we?", Penny asked. Before anyone could answer, there was a large voice that spoke,

"You are in the precense of the Board of Trustees. STATE YOUR BUISINESS." The trio of friends gulped with nervousness.

"We - were here to find our fr - friend, Gumball." Darwin nervously stated.

"Gumball Wallace Watterson?" the voice asked. Darwin nodded. Suddenly the door opened. Out came Bobert, who had a bandage on his left eye.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," he said, "but we are in the middle of a meeting." As the trio followed Bobert, they gasped at the amazing architecture of the clubhouse. Famous painting hug on the walls - and glorious flags with a skull on them waved proudly in the air. Penny and Stacy almost fainted when they saw the number of people at the meeting. Carmen and Leslie were having a heated argument until the trio of friends interrupted. Everyone at the meeting gasped when the large doors flew open. As Darwin, Penny, Stacy, and Bobert walked in, they were warmly welcomed by the crowd of club members.

"Horrah!" they all shouted. "Mission Rescue-Way is completed!" As a major celebration went on, Carmen and Leslie took Penny and Stacy away from the crowd.

"Where's Tobias?" Carmen asked. "He was supposed to be with you." Just beofore anything else could happen, the entire clubhouse imploded - and was destroyed.