"Hey Darwin!" Gumball yells. "Let's play..." Gumball tears out a small board and a deck of cards. "DODGE OR DARE!" he says loudly. "Uhhh, sorry Gumball." Darwin tells him. "I think it's better to just watch Tv." Darwin says, patting the tv screen. "Whaaaat? But that's just boring!" Gumball whines. "It is? Then I guess i'm bored." Darwin says to Gumball. "Then i'm bored too." Gumball says, sitting down on the couch. "OH NO, GUMBALL! If we're bored...WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!" Darwin screams. Gumball looks down on the ground. "Maybe we some tv?" He questions. Darwin looks at the screen. "Okay! ...How do you turn it on?" Darwin says to Gumball. Gumball sighs deeply. "Darwin, you would be lost without me." Gumball takes the remote and turns on the Tv, showing TWF (Thumb Westling Federation). "Ehh, I seen this already." Gumball says, changing the channel several times. "Seen it. Boring. Bad. Oooo! ....Nah." "Gumball, why don't we try the interweb?" Darwin tells him. "Okay." Gumball answers. They both walk upstairs and sneak into the computer room, as Nicole grounded Gumball from it. "Hey, what are you doing?" A voice says from the wall. "It's probably Fireball." Darwin whispers to Gumballs ear. Fireball walks in the room, looking as mature as ever. "I thought mom said you COULDN'T use the computer." He says, emphsize on the word COULDN'T. "Aww, come on, Fireball! We're bored!" Gumball says to him. "Oh, I understand..." Fireball says, turning around. "Maybe I should go and tell mom to see what she thinks..." Gumball and Darwin dash to the door and cover's the entrance. "Please don't tell mom!" They both begged. Fireball looks at them, then the computer, then back at them. Gumball and Darwin awaits his reply. Fireball opens his mouth, and says his answer.

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