Brains! is an minor song in the show. It is sung by Parody Sullvan in Sullvan.MOV. 


(Xylophone plays)

Im gonna sing a song for yooouuu...

And mabye teach you a lesson or twooo...

So have a seat my dear, and if it's all the same.....

Just sit back and relax


(Die Die Die he'll eat brains.) BRAIN BRAIN BRAINSZ

(Turns on chainsaw) (Die Die Die he'll eat brains.)


(Die Die Die he'll eat brains.)

Doughnut police: Alright,alruight! What going on here?

Sullvan: Umm... This isn't what it looks like? Hehehehe 

(Fireball spits in half.)


This is the first song sung by Sullvan.

This song is a parody of Fluttershy's brain song.

This made Everyone who hates the show like the show.

5th crossover after The Oven,The Oven Alternive Ending,Another Alternive Ending,and The Amazing World of Gumball Short:Sullvan likes Fluttershy.

1st time Sullvan does something unfriendly to Fireball Watterson.

This is possibly the 1st song in the show with Fireball in it,unless you don't count Darwin's song.

When Parody Sullvan says, " Umm...This isn't what it looks like? Hehe....", He has the same face from the show.

Click here to see the original

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