Brandon Frangipani is the new father of the Watterson family.  Although he is an awesome person, Brandon is the only one who has five fingers on each hand in the series and is a futuristic superhero. He's a superhero, and has a family of a great wife and kids (the Watterson family, BTW).  Brandon first appeared in his first movie BRANDON MANIA.

History of Brandon Mania

Brandon Watterson (formerly Brandon Frangipani due to change of last name) is a superhero none other than Brandon Mania.  The suit was first used in the 2-hour movie made by Marvel.  After three months, Brandon created a working universal teleporter (the WUT).  He teleported to the world Regular Show and stayed there for almost a year.  Brandon then got transformed into a Watterson then teleported to the world of TAWoG.  Five months later, Brandon announced that there will be a TAWoG movie and a second Brandon Mania movie (due to the new series on TV).  (To be continued)


Brandon has over 15 suits of armor, but only six work.  Here is the list of suits:

Finders Expedition Suit - Brandon wore this from 2011 to 2014 when he retired after 3 years.

BSAA Suit - Brandon wore this from 2010 to the present.

Iron King Suit - Brandon wears this suit to go with his powers of lightning.  He wore this from 2012 to the present.

Gods of the Universe Suit - Brandon wears this suit because he is in the specific group mentioned.  He wore this from 2014 to 2015, for only one year.

Lightning Clan Suit - Brandon wore this to protect the Lightning Clan Deathrages from Clone One.  He wore this from 2012 to 2013.

Master's Suit - Brandon wore this to become a seasonal Christmas Belt from Master Synaki.  He wore this from 2009 to 2012.


Gumball and Darwin Watterson - Sons

Anias, Mabel and Rayona Watterson - Daughters

Nicole Watterson - Wife

Francis Frangipani - Eternal brother

Master Synaki - Martial Arts master

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