Bull is a super strong gold fish that used to be the Skeleton King's pet until one day during a freak accident left them both scarred for life. Afterwords Bull worked for the Skeleton King for a long time as the leader of his Cammando force called the SN5. But soon he left the Skeleton King because he ordered him to hurt inoccent people. He then saw Gumball being beaten up so Bull saved Gumball. Then from that day fourth he's been one of Gumball's friends. He will be seen in The last dance.


Bull looks just like Darwin exept he has a 5 0'clock shadow and has a ton of muscle. Bull's hight is also 6 foot 2 and is 32 years old.


Gumball - He's more like the big brother to Gumball. Like he'll give him advice to get Penny or help Gumball stop a monster that's threatening all of Elmore. But Bull will also prank Gumball or make fun of him when he fails a lot at something. But even though he'll prank Gumball, ther'e still great friends.

Darwin - He and Darwin will hang out a lot and like Gumball he'll give advice to Darwin to help him.

Skeleton King - The Skeleton King and him now hate each other from the very moment that Bull left. And now the Skeleton King wants to kill Bull.

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