(All my new Fanfics are now introduced like this.)

The Watterson's go on a "Special" Camping trip.

Gumball and Darwin: WE CAANT WAAAIIITTT!!!!!

Anais: Calm down, it's going to take 5 more hours to get to the site.

Gumball: Oh right... *Dissapointment*

(Gumballs Mind: KillJoy.)

Darwin: It's okay! 5 hours is like... 1 hour!!!

-Anais and Gumball look at Darwin-

Gumball: Darwin, That...That made no sense.

Darwin: Pooh...

Nicole: Kids, We're going to stop at a small Diner for awhile.

-The RV the Wattersons were in stopped-

Richard: Come on, kids! Lets go!

-The family walks into the Diner-

Shanin (From Jobless Richard): Hello, and Welcome to Home Diner, where People can enjoy Tv to Video Games.

Gumball, Darwin, and Richard: VIDEO GAMES?!

-Shanin nods-

Shanin: For the Video Game seats, that'll cost 12.56.

Richard: Come onnn Honey! It's only 12.56!

Nicole: I am NOT wasting money for a table with Video Games.

Shanin: Ma'am, we also have a small Dinning set apart from the table, If your intrested.

Nicole: Hmm...I guess that's okay.

-Nicole pays, they eat and leave (Because we need to get on with the story.)-

Nicole: Okay, we eaten and now we can go...

-Few hours later-

Nicole: We're HERE~!

-The kids run around the site-

Gumball and Darwin: YAY!!!

Nicole: Don't go to the forest...!

Too late.

Gumball and Darwin stray from the path, and run in the forest.

--PART 1, END--

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