Gumball: WhooHoo!!! This is SO awesome!

-Runs wildly in the forest-

Darwin: Woooo! Wooo...Woo...

Darwin: Gumball, do you think we're lost.

Gumball: Yeah, Pretty much.

Gumball and Darwin: AHHHH!

-Back at the Camp site-

Nicole: Anais, did you see Gumball or Darwin anywhere?

Anais: They're probably in the car still. (Whisper) They might even be in the forest for all I know...

Nicole: What did you say, Anais?

Anais: Nothing, Mom!

-Back at the forest-

Gumball: Aw man, We're lost in a forest AGAIN!

Darwin: It's okay, we have the map...right?

Gumball: Uhh, I thought I could remember by eating it again...

Darwin: De ja vu...

-Gumball looks around the area-

Gumball: Trees, trees, and more trees! I can't tell which way we came here...

Darwin: Maybe we can walk in one direction and look for help!

Gumball: That's a great idea, Darwin! Let's get going!

And so our 2 little friends sought out for their way back,


--PART 2, END--

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