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Chumball is Gumball's evil alternative version. He is 13 years old and has a small crush on Martha.

Character Bio

Chumball season 2
Chumball is Gumball's evil alternative version, one inch tall from him. In his development look, he had a small black shadowunder his body. He has thick eyebrows and like Gumball, he only have 5 whiskers visible. He debuted in The Day .Chumball got his name from a name pun of Gumball, but his real name is Arthur.


  1. He is the first OC by User:Mrboy90.
  2. He looks almost like spiderman in Gumball Style.
  3. In The Escape (Part 2), he dies shooted by Martha.
  4. He don't like tacos.

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