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Cobbert Lewie Nuttels
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (current)
12 (in Season 1 and 2)
13 (in Season 3 and in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie)
17 (in The Amazing World of Gumball: After Years)
14 (Season 4)
Birthday: November 27th, 2000
Species: 14/16% Dog (Cocker Spaniel/Saint Bernard hybrid), 1/16% ghost, 1/16% Mirror Nymph
Also Known as: Cobbynut
The Cobbescian
The Smarty-Pants
Captain Know-it-All
Cobba la Cobbata
Mr. Muffin
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Gay and aromantic
Occupation: Student
Friends: Gumball (boyfriend)
Remy (Since The Knowhow)
Enemies: Lauren
The Seven Sins
Relatives: Martha (Sister)
Andy (Triplet Brother)
Caroline (Triplet Sister)
Annabelle (Sister)
Junior (Sibling)
Reginald Nuttels (Brother)
Einowy Nuttels (Sister)
Allison Nuttels (Mother)
Barney Nuttels (Father)
Frank and Linda (Paternal Grandparents)
Harry✝️ and Gertrude (Maternal Grandparents)
Evelyn (Aunt)
Unnamed five uncles
Debut: Pliot
Voiced by: George Kleinman (Season 1-2)
Gordon McGale (season 3-present)

Cobbert Lewie Nuttels, or Cobby for short, is Martha's younger brother and one of the main characters in RC fandom.


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Before birth

Allison conceived the triplets on the night she spent together with Barney in a motel room near San Francisco, the two being invited at his boss' birthday party. Meanwhile, the CWWW sent Harry a message in which Lenny remembered him about the curse. When Allison was 14, he was cursed to pass away when the "Divine Baby" was born, but Gentilis managed to change the curse in a reincarnation. At first, Harry didn't know who the "Divine Baby" was, but later discovered that they were one of his soon-to-be born grandchildren. He told the CWWW that they were so powerful, their birth could kill their mother.

Birth and Infancy


Late Childhood-Present





Cobby is a tall and realtively skinny 16 years old Cocker Spaniel/Saint Bernard hybrid. He has curly dark
brown hair with the bottom half of his hair turquoise. In Season 4, after finally meeting his grandfather, he gets turquoise highlights, which start to change his hair color until it becomes fully turquoise. His attire consists of a steel blue knitted sweater vest over a periwrinkle blue short-sleeved shirt with dark green collar and cuffs, a pair of olive brown trousers and light yellow trainers.

In season 5, he replaces the sweater vest and shirt with a light olive sweater with darker olive collar and cuffs, but is eventually replaced with his old attire. As a child he used to be pretty short but around Season 4 he got a growth spurt and he is currently the tallest main character.

Since Season 3, due to an accident which resulted in the burning of his right arm, Cobby has a robotic arm built by himself. As he grows up, he would improve his arm until in the point it will look like a realistic arm. He also has a birthmark, which is located in the middle of his back, shaped as the eight cardinal points (placed as we usually see on a compass). It even glows when he's scared or wet. The arrow which indicated the north glows alone when he gets lost. His parents would draw it on the back of his clothes so he would be more recognized easier, but once he became taller than his triplet siblings, they stopped this habit.


In stark contrast to his sister Martha's characterization, Cobby is a happy-go-lucky, friendly, even-tempered, clueless and an optimistic realist who usually calculates his actions. He is rather laconic and stoic, but devoted to any task he's assigned to, usually with a high boost of energy and interest. He mostly enjoys building small, multi-functional gadgets, painting or watching a show once and recite all the details in it. Ironically enough, he is fairly more competent than most of the school staff.

As a result of his intelligence, Cobby is shown to be gifted in many academical fields, such as science, arts and a bit of botany. He doesn't seem to be fond of mathematics, though, despite needing to use it in most stuff he does. On occasions, he has been shown to be incredibly stubborn, especially when it comes to something he highly thinks of. He seems to be both eccentric and a perfectionist at the same time, as he passionately defends his ideas and accepts no compromising, no matter how impractical it may seem. He usually accepts others' ideas when he has none or he can't understand the situation. Despite meeting and knowing many types of people, he is unable to pick up social cues, such as understanding jokes, sarcasm or puns, or a better perception of emotion or socialization, and thus he finds it hard to talk to a stranger without feeling weird inside at first. He can be insensitive without meaning it at times, as he never really understood Martha's trauma and wrongfully believed she was too whiny about it, hurting her.

In spite of his stoicism, Cobby is actually a very sensitive person, and he tends to externalize himself without actually being aware of it. His mostly shown negative feeling is anxiety, as he tends to freak out when something may not succed and tries to see a positive outcome, occasionally to no avail. He usually can't get very angry but when he does, it usually because of loud noises or thinks not getting as he wished. His anger manages to make everybody, even Nicole, feel uncomfortable and scare an entire city. The loneliness during childhood, the bullying and the "girlfriends" have affected his personality, but unlike Nuttels, he still keeps a positive aspect on the world and (unbeknownst to him, like her) tries to hide his pain how he can.

In his debut episode, Cobby's anxious and sensitive side is analyzed thorough. The thought of moving in another city literally froze him, and his first encounter with Mabel didn't end well. However, they manage to reconcile after she stopped Jamie from bullying him. He is shown to open up more as the series goes on, and learn more about his friends, family, and even himself.



Martha and Cobby have always had a inexplicably close bond. It all started when, during the latter's first night at home, the former got closer to his crib when he was crying and calmed him down as the two played with his power.


His close friend and later boyfriend. Gumball and Cobby have met each other several times during childhood, but they introduced themselves formally when the latter moved to Elmore. He started to feel a little self-confident and gets to know the new neighbors better. With time Gumball and Cobby became closer to each other, to the point they developed a mutual crush when they were fourteen. They were rather shy and awkward to each other when their relationship was implied, but otherwise their interactions went normally. This is until Nuttels Fights a Bee, when Gumball finally admits his true feelings to Cobby and kisses him on the lips. Cobby reciprocates their kiss and they began their fully-fledged relationship forth onwards. Although their relationship doesn't seem as romantic on the outside, they consider each other their second best friend and usually discuss things when are together.


Mabel is Cobby's protector. He finds her very compassionate to everyone and loves her personality, without falling in love with her. After the Nuttelses moved to Elmore, he becomes more nervous and very shy to do virtually anything until Mabel bumps to him and inadvertently makes him cry, but she later made up for this and promised him she'll do anything to protect him. She also introduced Gumball and Darwin to him. His mother occasionally meddles him around, making him annoyed and embarrassed while Mabel thinks he's funny, Allison said it's him.

Andy and Caroline

Despite the fact they aren't as close to their younger triplet brother, Andy and Caroline actually take care of him and are supportive of him and his relationship with Gumball, but they make him do their homework, breakfast and they tease him when Gumball acts romantic toward him.

Powers and Abilities

Cobby has Harry's powers, but since he wasn't born a magical creature, he can't use his abilities without consuming his vital energy. The much he uses his powers, the more they would dry up his energy. He usually refrains from using them, unless he's too lazy to bring something up, so he uses his telekinesis over a book or a cup of tea.

  • Floating/Teleporting - He can float several feet from the ground and teleport anywhere he wishes. If he teleports in a place farther than the initial location, he faints.
  • Reading auras - He is able to read people's auras and see more clearly how they feel rather than using body language.
  • Telekinesis - He can move objects with his mind, but he is unable to take control over more things simultaneously.
  • Control over Gravity- He is able to cancel out earth gravity, but he vowed to never use this ability since it would literally kill him.


  • Before moving to Elmore, Cobby had 4 (or more) girlfriends, including a vampire. Except for Chestnut and Blair, most of his girlfriends unwillingly made him their boyfriend, but he broke up with after a short time, because they made him feel unwell. Their names are:
    • Chestnut (dated for 6 months)
    • Rhea Lamborghini (a popular girl who stalked him ; used him for more popularity)
    • Weather (used him for her homework only)
    • Blair the Talking Ash (formely Blair the Vampire) (never formally dated, since Blair knew Cobby was uncomfortable to commit into a relationship; their relationship was more platonic than romantic.)
  • He inhaled a toxin on a school field trip and it weakened his immune system a little so he's even more prone to sickness.
  • He's a close friend with The Grand Duchess Beatrice Vetcher III of Bellaterra/Carly Thonnings.
  • He is seven minutes younger ("and 9 seconds") than Andy or Caroline.
  • He has the eight cardinal points (placed as we usually see on a compass) as shaped birthmark on his back.
  • Cobby's name has different pronunciations. The correct one is Ko-bi (ˈkobē), not Kow-bi or Ka-bi. Also, in some countries, "Cobby" is adapted from the dub:
    • "Gedrongen" in Afrikaans and Dutch
    • "Набито" (phonetically "Nabito") in Bulgarian
    • "Drukns" in Latvian
    • "코비" (phonetically "Kobi") in Korean
    • "Tanakka" in Finnish
  • "Cobby" means "stout", "thickset",  and it is used for description of horses, dogs, and other animals. However, this is not the reason he gained the nickname.
    • This is one of the reason his name is pronounced different by the eponymous adjective.
    • Also, a "cobby dog" is a term for a short and square dog.
    • Cobby may be also surname.
    • When he was first created, in 2010, his name was Cobby Littlethorn.
  • Cobby's real name, Cobbert, is derived from the Old French word "corbet", which means "dark haired" [1]. This is actually true, because Cobby's hair color is a dark shade of brown (chocolate).
  • Cobby may be the reincarnation of his late grandfather Harry Mertens, but this is confirmed in Cobby and Harry.
  • He secretly returns Gumball's feelings. The two finally confessed his feelings towards her in Nuttels Fights a Bee.
  • He didn't have an Elmore Plus account, as revealed in The Acceptance. Later his Elmore Plus name become "CobbyNuts14". It's revealed Nuttels made him make one.
  • Being a perfectionist, Cobby suffers of a slight case of Atychiphobia, fear of failure. He also inherits his grandfather's Misophobia (Fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs) and Apiphobia (Fear of bees).
  • Cobby is hyperallergic to dust, as revealed in Martha and the Time Traveler, making him sneeze very loud and very strong and very frequently.
  • Cobby claims that the exact time when he was born was 11:27 pm and 9 seconds, as in Happy Triplets Birthday!
  • Nuttels claims Cobby's mouth always smells like a library, in The New School Year.
  • In Happy Triplets Birthday!, it was revealed that he thinks lowly about his two ex "girlfriends", Weather and Rhea and he likes Blair and Chestnut but he said that his relationships with them is kind of complicated. That is the reason why he broke up with them and got into the hospital after getting his butt kicked by every girl in school.
  • Back when she was "living", Blair had a tendency to bite Cobby, and she accidentally bit him three times. One of the he bite mark was never seen because it was replaced by his robotic arm.
  • Cobby keeps Blair's ash in a sort of pot because she desintregrated after a freak accident. Now he use her as a "advice pot".
  • In his first design, he had big glasses, a orange shirt and jeans. He used to be an only child, and Barney and Allison's heads were never seen.
  • Barney and Allison have drawn his birthmark on his clothes on the same place it's located, because they wanted him to be easier recognised by them.
  • Cobby had a gastric transposition when he was a newborn. He still has the cut scar.
  • He was born with problems of joints, his tendons and spine can broke after a large effort. This is why he doesn't know dancing. He was also born with a sphere-shaped head, which made him and his parents spend 3 months at the hospital.
  • He's got a scar over his bellybutton, possibly gained when the doctors tried to get him out during cesarean.
  • He also tried to kayak, but resulted him to his first near-death after being near to a waterfall, as in The Kayak.
  • In Happy Valentines?, he holds his laughter after hearing that Andy's middle name is Marian, which was revealed to be just a mere joke.
  • This is a possibility that he is lactose intolerant. As shown in Hyper Typer Thing, after he ate from the frozen yogurt cup given by Mabel, he turned green, got really sick and made him throw up. However, in New Friends, Old Foes, he hadn't any reaction while eating some yogurt.
    • The yogurt which he ate in New Friends, Old Foes might be diet yogurt, or either he was allergic at the frozen yogurt topping.
  • Two of Cobby's pet names, and Cobb, have diverse meanings.
    • His grandfather Frank calls him most of the time "Corncob".
    • If one keeps the first three letters from each first and last name one will obtain "cobnut", an archaic name for hazelnut.
  • Cobby is about 5'10 (177 cm) tall in Season 4, while both Caroline and Andy are just 5'2 (157 cm).
  • His favorite color is, ironically, not turquoise. It's beige.
  • He seems to be aware that Gumball will learn about his past "girlfriends", but was relieved when he found out he was cool with it.




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