Come home Darwin is a Song from the Episode The Runaway Where Gumball and Fireball and Aguilera Sings

Come Home Darwin





The Runaway


Fireball Aguilera Gumball

to get Darwin Back

NOTE: This is a Parody of the Phineas and Ferb song


Gumball: W-w-wait! Why did you spell Darwin's Name Darry?

Fireball: Sorry i couldnt find Any Thing Rhymin on Darwin

(Song begins)

Gumball: Darry you know that you are our Fishy friend, You more Priceful than a Pass-up-rent You more than a Treat from a Barberque,

Fireball: Oh Darry You more Funny than a Chocky Chop, more Delicious than a Lolipop, More than All what we Mentioned Before

Gumball and Fireball: Oh Darry! You not so Droopy So almost Sweet as Cherry with a Top of Blackberry!

Gumball and Fireball: YES DARWIN!

Gumball and Fireball: So come home Darwin Come home Darwin Come home!

Aguilera: Uhm Oh Darry I find this kind of Creepy I cant Find you Any Place-sy

Aguilera: It feels me with Rarity?

Aguilera: OH Darry! Im Allergic to Berry Im gonna Move to Paris and Change my Name to Travis!

Fireball: Travis?

Aguilera: I Ran out of Rhymes Okay!?

Everybody: She Changes her Name To Travis Travis Travis!

Everybody: So Come home Darwin Come home

Fireball And Aguilera Gumball: Come Hoooooooooooooome!

Everybody: Yeah come home Darwin Come home Darwin Come home

Aguilera: Come home Darwin Come home

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