Commercial Rejects





A collaboration of rejected commercial auditions.


In the years before "The Amazing World of Gumball", the show's beloved characters weren't that beloved. They all auditioned for various commercials, but were unfortuantley rejected. Here are some of the commercials that they were in, or tried to get in.

Gumball's Commercial Audition

(Gumball is driving a car.)

Gumball: What a fine day, out in my car, drinking my Starbucks coffee.

(Gumball crashes his car into a cliff and splashes hot coffee in his face.)

Gumball: GAH!

(A man walks to Gumball.)

Man: Oh my, you seem to have a fender bender.

Gumball: NO! My face is tarred with pain!

Man: Looks like you need Geico.

Gumball: NO! I need a towel!

(The Geico logo is showing.)

Announcer: Geico, saving you 15% or more on car insurance.

Man: And that's why we added a gecko as our mascot.

Darwin's Commercial Audition

(Darwin is sitting beside a pool.)

Darwin: Man! It's hot outside!

(A man runs outside.)

Man: Here! Some Dasani will refresh you.

Darwin: Thanks!

(Darwin drinks the water, and has a disgusted look on his face.)

Darwin: Man! That's nasty! I'd rather drink the pool water.

(Darwin bends over the pool and starts drinking the pool water.)

Announcer: Dasani! You gotta drink something.

Martha's Commercial Audition (Feat. Gumball)

(Martha is holding a cookies box.)

Announcer: Kookes Cookies! The best cookies you've ever ate!

(Martha eats a cookie, and has a disgusted look on her face.)

Martha: BLEAH! It tastes like mud! Even mud is better!

Gumball: And I still need a towel!

(The Geico logo is showing.)

Announcer: Geico, saving you 15% or more on car insurance. Sponsorised by Kookes Cookies.

Martha: Don't taste the COOKIES PLEASE! Don't take even the Geico! But I like the gecko anyway.

MeeMee's Commerical Audition

MeeMee: I need some new clothes.

Woman: Then go to Macy's!

MeeMee: Cool!


MeeMee: (comes out of the dressing room as a ball of clothes) Cool! I can roll around! (Rolls around the store, knocking shelves, destroying items and running over people just before she rolls to the screen and freezes)

Woman: Macy's, the store where you can get clothes!

(Then the screen unfroze and the camera is destroyed)

Martha's Second Commercial Audition


Jim's Commercial Audition (feat. Cindy)

(Teenager 1 and 2 comes to the kitchen)

Teenager #1: Ugh. I'm starving.

Jim: Then try these new Lunchables Weed Tacos!

Director: No, it actually prefer "Walking Tacos". (Jim looks at him) You know what? Just skip it all, we'll fix that later.

Jim: First shake the bag! (Shakes the bag) Nuke it for 30 seconds! (Turns the microwave on and thirty seconds later) Weed Tacos! When you walked in the forest, you need-

Cindy: (raises hand) Wait a minute, are we still rolling?

Director: I don't know.

Man: Try new Lunchables Walking Tacos!

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