Gumball's new pet Dollar wreaks havoc amoung the Wattersons.


Its early afternoon in the quiet -

(shows loud obnoxious noise)

peaceful -

(shows Tobias hitting Darwin with his fake sword multiple times)

respectful -

(shows Tina spitting on a statue)

town. Gumball, however, isn't EXACTLY the quietest, peacefullest, or the most respectful. But thats not important. It was on this day that his life changed forever.

-Gumball bursts through the door.-

Gumball: We have a new pet!

Richard: -suddenly waking-up and getting off the couch- Who? What? What happened?

Anais: Gumball got a new pet.

Darwin: What? But what about me Gumball? I thought I was your pet!

Gumball: Oh it's nothing personal Darwin, its just that you don't very -um- pettish.

Darwin: But I can act pettish! Watch!

-Darwin goes to the sink, gets himself wet, makes creepy faces, and imitates dolphin noises.-


-Scene cuts to the dog Dollar whimpering in fear.-

Darwin:' Fine! I know when I'm not wanted!

-Darwin runs upstairs to his room, crying.-

Gumball: Why is he crying? All I said was that-

HOLY -censored- IT HURTS!

-Richard and Anais pull Dollar off Gumball's hand and the scene switches to the hospital.

Dr. Butt: -putting the last bandage in place- There you go mister. Your very lucky. Most people who are bitten in the hand have to have their hands amputated.

-Gumball gulps.-

Darwin: At least I don't bite your hand off.

Gumball: First of all, he didn't bite it off and second of all, it wont get worse from now on.

-The next day Richard is in the swimming pool. Dollar manages to get in and infects Richard with lice, and then infects everyone else with lice. The scene changes again to the hospital.-

Darwin: At least I don't infect you with lice.

Gumball: First off all, we didn't know Dollar had lice. Second of all, it won't get any worse from now on.

-The next week, Anais is reading in her room. While going to the restroom Dollar ruins all her books. The scene changes to everyone at the living room, demanding that Gumball gets rid of Dollar.-

Anais: Gumball, you need to get rid of Dollar.

Gumball: But -

Richard: She's right Gumball. The lice are still bothering me.

-Richard shows four lice having a tea party in his fur.-

Gumball:' But Dollar is the first dog I ever had! I would never consider -

HOLY -censored (hey, its Cartoon Network. What can we do?)- GET HIM OFF ME!

-The scene changes to the hospital where Gumball is getting a replacement hand.-

Darwin: So what did you learn these past few days Gumball?

Gumball: That your -sigh- the only pet I need.

Darwin: That's more like it!

-The two hug.-

Offscreen singer: The amibiguiously gay duo!

Gumball: What the heck was that?

-Scene cuts to Linkara.-

Linkara: What?! I can't help it!

-The End-

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