Vital statistics
Age 1,000,000,000
Friends Shadow Wolf
Enemies Gumball Watterson, Penny Fitzgareld, Darwin Watterson, Scar
Species Shadow
Residence Alkmer
Aliases The Dark One, Shadow Caster

Ahh love, Gumball what would you be without it? Oh yeah if you wouldn't of had love then you wouldn't be dying right now, would you?

--Dark Shadow to Gumball in Alkmer's Shadow

Shadow is an evil shadow from the town of Alkmer. He's first appearance was in Alkmer's Shadow where he swores vengeance upon Gumball and all of Elmore.


Shadow can change into anything or anyone but no matter what his skin color will always stay dark grey. But when Shadow is in his normal form he is more like a big dust cloud with drak red eyes.


He hates Gumball and just about everyone in Elmore for making their town Alkmer looking bad.

Other pictures of Shadow


  • Dark Shadow is numder 3 on Doctor.Wii's blog, Top Ten Made up Characters on this Wiki

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