The Wattersons goes to the beach when something happens one day in the beach.


(In the Wattersons car)...

Richard: We're going the beach!

Gumball: Yeah!

Darwin: This is happy.

Gumball: Yes, is a good day of sun for travel to the beach.

Nicole: Yes!

Anais: Everything has a problems.

Gumball: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Sullvan: You guys sure you'll be fine?

Anias: Problobly not.....

(The Wattersons leave as Max comes in.)

Sullvan: Max! Your back! I haven't seen you in forever!

Max: Well, Ihad my fun, but I'm going back to taking care of that dumb descrased skin thing...........

Human Gumball: YEAH! YOUR BACK!!! (Hugs him.)

Max: I'm so glad to see ya that I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!! Yep. I'm in HUGE trouble now.........

Sullvan: Ok! Have fun you to!!!! (Leaves.)

Max: ..................................

(At the beach.)

Darwin: Ahhh! This is the life!!!!

Gumball: Yeah!!! Huh?

(Sees a biever leg on the water.)

Gumball: OH NO!!!!!!!

(Shows a dragon tail poping out of the water.)

Nicole: ????

(Shows an antler poping out the water that looks like Penny's)

Gumball: PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Goes in the water.) Don't worry, Penny! I'll save-(Sees a blue goat horn.) You?............. (Gasps.) OH NO!!!!! IT'S....IT'S....

(His family comes.)

Richard: Son?

Darwin: What is it, buddy?

Anias: Are you ok?

(Everyone gasps.)

Everyone: GLUSINOUS!!!???

(Shows Glusinous on the shore, looking knocked out.)


MeeMee: (finished making the sandcastle) Finally I'm done! My amazing castle!! (It gets destroyed) Awww......

AiAi: Sorry! (Grabs the volleyball) Crypto! Catch!! (Throws the volleyball)

Crypto: I got it (He missed it and it flew right over his head) Darn.....

(It instead hit the woman's nose)

???: Owwwch!! (Fell down to the sand)


Crypto: Yeah!!! (Shows that AiAi got hit by the volleyball) What the....?!

Chris: (blows the whistle) Look, you already hit my wife once, now I has to hit you!! (Grabs the volleyball and throws it)

Crypto: Ha! (Gets hit and fells to the ground)

AiAi: Good job....

Chris: (drags her to their spot and put her at the towel) Damn, these assholes.... (grabs and open the first aid kit) Let's see... (fixes her bleeding nose) There.

Jill: What happened?

Chris: I'll tell you later... Now, stay- (he noticed her hand was in his lifeguard short and was slowly stroking his erection) Don't tease me like that...... and this is not a nude beach....

Jill: Okay. (As he expected, she took off his lifeguard shorts, leaving him naked)

Chris:.......All right, you asked for it!

(He took off her swimming bra and underwear and they kiss. He got on top of her and put his erection into her va*ina and they started to f*ck each other)

AiAi: (hears moans and sighs) MeeMee, stop that!

MeeMee: (her voice can be heard) That's not me doing it!

AiAi: Let's just ignore it!...

(Back to the two)

(As he pulled out, she reaches her orgasm and moaned. After that, he entered her back inside and has a orgasm too. After he was done, they make out and they put their clothes back on)

Chris: I got to go. (Leaves)

Dinky: (pops out of the sand) What was all that moaning and sighing for?

AiAi:........ (grabs a bucket on sand and pours it into Dinky)


((The gang is arriving at the beach)

Alyssa: Ahh. The beach. Where I can show off my beautiful body to everyone.

Jim: But I can't swim!

Alyssa: Get over it! (They head to their beach spot and put the towel on it. Then they sat down)



  • Max's voice actor is Arin Hanson. Though he was fired and killed in Shut up.... Though Arin survived the crazy guy incedent,and he didn't upload that episode,so he was rehired.
  • Chris and Piers are lifeguards on this episode.
  • This is the first time Chris and Jill had sex.
  • This episodes shows that Cindy sometimes can't swim. This is similar to the Ton & Jerry episode, "Just Ducky".


Minor Characters

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