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Hello it's me, Gumball2. I know the deadline for submission was December 3rd, but due to lack of nominations, I moved it. Anyway here is the list of nominees, see if your's made the cut!

Best Fanfic:

  • The Yearbook Saga
  • The Grades
  • Emily's Vengence Saga
  • The Game
  • The End of Elmore Saga
  • The Screwed-Up World of Gumball Saga

Best Short Fanfic:

  • The Grades
  • The Game
  • The Toilet
  • Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego?
  • The Fish
  • The New

Best Saga:

  • Emily's Vengence Saga
  • The End of Elmore Saga
  • The Yearbook Saga
  • The Screwed-Up World of Gumball Saga
  • Emily in Delmore Saga
  • The Case Saga

Best User:

  • MissingNo.
  • WikiStarter
  • FanFStory
  • GumbalFan2
  • Darwin 3288765

Best Made Up Character:

  • Emily Cartridge
  • Stace Stuffings
  • Bobu
  • Skylar Peterson
  • Frodo Sanders

Most Suspensful Fanfic:

  • The Institution Saga
  • The End of Elmore Saga
  • The Grades
  • Emily's Vengence Saga
  • The Detective Saga
  • The Building Saga

Best Song:

  • Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego?
  • We Are In Love
  • Albert Einstein VS Bobert

Funniest Fanfic:

  • The Pizza
  • Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza Saga
  • Nicole's Job Blunder Saga
  • The Game
  • Gumball's New Game
  • The Computer Saga

Most Active User:

  • MissingNo.
  • Darwin 3288765
  • FanFStory
  • Gumball2

Best Article:

  • 100 Page Fanfiction Celebration
  • 60 Page Fanfiction Celebration
  • Gumbapedia Fanon Fanfictions
  • Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki

Best Quote From A Short Fanfic:

  • "I dunno. That's for the producer to figure out."
                                           -Gumball from "An Interview With Gumball Watterson"

-Gumball from "The Newspaper"

  • "This game cheats! I'm sorry, but I cannot help you."
                                            -Richard from "Gumball's New Game"

Best Quote From A Saga:

  • "I think the loser here is you, Emily Cartridge."
                                             -Kayla Balloon from "Emily In Delmore (Part 2)"
                                             -Gumball from "The Event (Part 1)"
  • "Just convict her already! She needs to pay for what she did to Gumball!"
                                             -Darwin from "The Case (Part 2)"

Best Cast In A Short Fanfic:

  • The Cast of "The Grades"
  • The Cast of "Where In The World Is Penny Sandiego?"
  • The Cast of "The New"
  • The Cast of "The Dance
  • The Cast of "The Girl"
  • The Cast of "The Fish"

Best Cast In A Saga:

  • The Cast of "The Trip"
  • The Cast of "The Institution"
  • The Cast of "The End of Elmore"
  • The Cast of "Emily's Vengence"
  • The Cast of "The Screwed-Up World of Gumball"
  • The Cast of "The Yearbook"

Best Part Of A Saga:

  • The End of Elmore (Part 5)
  • Emily's Vengence (Part 6)
  • The Field Trip (Part 10)
  • The Detective (Part 3)
  • The Event (Part 5)
  • The Screwed-Up World of Gumball (Part 4)

Best Adventure Saga:

  • The Screwed-Up World of Gumball Saga
  • The Trip Saga
  • The Attack Saga
  • Emily's Vengence Saga
  • The Computer Saga
  • The End of Elmore Saga

There you go folks, the nominees for the December 2011 Gumball Awards. I will post polls for these categories as soon as possible. You may vote on these polls only! Voting ends DECEMBER 14, 2011. So be sure to vote.

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