Delilgia is a giant bird that make a few appearences.


She is a giant bird that is a viliotish,redish,color. She also has a brown covering around her belly,and wing. She also has long,grey,legs.


She usally dosent speak. She just caws like an eagle. She is noted as Sullvan,and Hot Dog's sister. In the end of The Brother, Sullvan said that his sister is coming for a visit soon also. Delilgia then comes showing that shes an eagle, which makes Gumball,Darwin,and MeeMee suprised. Delilgia then eats Gumball. Gumball trys to make Sullvan help out,but Sullvan says that she dosent speak his accent,but will spit him out soon.


In Underneath my skin there's an Eagle, the bird that took Anias looks highly alot like Delilgia.

Delilgia only spoke in Fireball's Tan.

Also appear in The Stop.

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