Dinky (Or The Great Solo.) is a minor character in the show. He is Sullvan's little brother.


He is a small dog that looks like Sullvan who is a year younger t, but with lighter fur, smaller hair, and a smaller tail. He has a voice simular to Dinky Hooves from Derpy's adventure part 1. His name is also based on Dinky Hooves' name. He, like his brother, can hate Gumball and Darwin at times (He really hates Darwin though). He is Hot Dog's cousin.

In Darling's Brew, He is a smaller size and is darker.

In The Dinky,He was more smarter and he looked younger.

In Darling's Brew,He appeared to be older an


He is a little smart and is the only normal family member. He Debuted in The Dinky. At this time he was More Smarter. 

In Darling's Brew,He was a litte more funnier and started to get more misfortunes and his voice got a little deeper.

He is a great drumer as seen in The Revenge of the Bad.

Episode Appearences


  • He can be bothered by The Wattersons at times.
  • He is the second character to be nearly hit by something but successfully survives. The first one was Dog Employee.
  • He is a dinky.
  • His name is based on the My Little Pony character,Dinky Doo.
  • TBA


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