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Gumball and his friends must survive in Elmore, which has been exposed to a deadly virus.

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Disease (Part 2)

Disease is a fanfiction created by MissingNo.


A deadly virus reaches Elmore, and Gumball, with his friends, must survive in the apocalyptic setting.


Gumball and his friends (Darwin, Anais, Penny, Teri, Tobias and Rachel) are at a campfire located in the woods that surrounded Elmore. They are sharing marshmellows and telling stories.

Gumball: Guys, this is great! I'm having so much fun at this campfire!

Tobias: Me too! The only thing that would make this better is if our cellphones could work out here.

Anais: That's nice, but I think this campfire is much better without our phones because it really gives us a good experience of what it would be like at an actual campfire. No electronics, just the woods and you.

Rachel: Boring! I don't really care about this campfire, I was just hungry. Now that I'm full, I think I will be going.

Rachel gets up from the log that they were using as a seat, and walks back to Elmore.

Tobias: We don't need her. We can have fun here, right?

Everyone except Tobias: Yeah!

Teri: Okay, now it's my turn to tell a story! I was in the nurse's office...

Darwin interrupts.

Darwin: Come on, Teri! You always tell stories about when you were in the nurse's office! I want something different!

Teri, looking annoyed and a bit hurt, sighs.

Teri: I don't have any good stories outside the nurse's office, guys. Sorry.

Gumball: Fine. How about Penny?

Penny wakes up from the tent she had been sleeping in. She left the tent door open.

Penny: What? Oh, story telling. Okay, how about I tell you about this new game I got?

Everyone except Penny: Okay!

Penny: Okay, it's called Kebab Fighter II: The World Fighter. It's really cool! It has a bunch of characters you can use and...

Just then, the group hears a scream from back in Elmore. It sounded like a girl.

Tobias: Whoa, was that...

Gumball interrupts.

Gumball: No, it was not Rachel. Everyone knows that in a situation like this, it's never what you think it is.

Tobias: But I know a situation where something from a movie was actually true!

Gumball: Really? Then tell me!

Tobias: Okay, it was from this movie called Explosions, and there was this one scene where...

Darwin interrupts.

Darwin: Guys, come on! We gotta check out who was screaming!

Gumball: Who cares? It's probably some stranger who deserved whatever made him or her scream like that. Remember that video we saw in school about karma?

Darwin: Just go already! You too, Tobias.

Gumball and Tobias: Fine...

Darwin, Gumball and Tobias run through the woods to catch up with the rest of the group, who had already gotten to Elmore. A policeman, the Donut Policeman, walks up to them.

Tobias: What happened?!

Donut Policeman: A bomb just went off, and it had some dangerous substances in it. Stay back, and don't make contact with the substance.

Gumball: There's the rest of the group!

The trio run to the group, who are all scared.

Darwin: Guys, who was the person screaming?

Teri: The donut guy said that it was...

A moment of silence passes before Gumball speaks.

Gumball: Don't leave us hanging! Speak up, who is it?

Teri: Okay, okay! It was Masami...

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