Disease is a fanfiction created by MissingNo.


Gumball: Teri, it's them!
Teri: Who's "them"?

Nicole, Anais, and Darwin climb through the window into the room.

Gumball: I can't shoot my family! What do I do?!
Teri: The formula is almost complete! But I need you to do something NOW!
Gumball: (in thought) I have no choice. Hitting them with a bat won't do anything; they'll probably just get stunned for a bit. I can't swing that heavy bat fast enough to hit them while they're stunned. Arrows will only go through their body, so I do have to kill at least one of them. But who do I kill?

Beth: Yahh! (Runs)

Gumball: What The? BETH?!

Maryann: BETH! Stop! You'll blow up our plan!

Gumball: What "plan"?

Beth: All the city wanted to prank you with a zombie invasion, because Teri liked you... (Laughs)

Gumball: That means this disase was actually a prank to be more near by Teri?

Nicole, Anais, and Darwin: (Get off their zombie masks) YEAH!

(Everybody get off their zombie masks and laughs of Gumball. Two zombies appears.)

Teri: What a joke we did... (Notice the zombies) GUMBALL! ZOMBIES!

Gumball: (Laughs) No, I don't trust you 'cause the joke...


(the zombies are healed by Teri's Formula)

The End!!

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