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Disease is a fanfiction created by MissingNo.


A deadly virus reaches Elmore, and Gumball, with his friends, must survive in the apocalyptic setting.


Gumball, Darwin and Tobias: Masami?!

Tobias: Is she dead?

Teri: No, she's alive. I wouldn't say she's well, though.

Gumball: What?!

Penny: She's in the hospital, critical condition. She has no bones to break, but her body temperature is higher than I thought it could go. Apparently, the substance contained some bad germs or something.

Anais: It's a rare kind of germ, actually. I read in a book that this germ causes a deadly disease called Superflu. It is fatal 98.5% of the time.

Darwin: So Masami is going to die?

Anais: Apparently so.

Teri: Okay, this is too much for me, I'm going home!

Teri runs back home, crying.

Gumball: What's up with Teri? Is she friends with Masami?

Penny: No, she's light-hearted.

Tobias: I think we should go home, too.

Anais walks in the living room, and finds Gumball using the family computer.

Anais: What are you doing, Gumball?

Gumball: I'm checking out this "Superflu" you mentioned earlier.

Anais: Oh, okay. Gumball, do you have... feelings, for Masami?

Gumball: What?! Ridiculous! I was just wondering, wouldn't anyone else have made contact with that weird substance?

Anais: They gave it a name, Gumball. It's called black goo. And I'm pretty sure Masami is the only who made contact with it.

Gumball: Okay, I was just wondering.

Anais: Can I use the computer now?

Gumball: Okay, Anais.

Gumball goes upstairs and sleeps, while Anais studies for the science assignment next week, which Gumball forgot. The next day, the family watches the Elmore News reported that Masami fell into a coma and may not wake up.

Darwin: Poor Masami.

Anais: Yeah, she deserved better.

Richard: At least her parents are safe.

Nicole: You call that a good thing? My boss over-works me!

Gumball: Oh well, we're safe and free from Superflu.

Anais: What about the group you were with last night? They didn't know about that stuff untilt the donut policeman stopped them. They might've touched it.

Darwin: That's ridiculous. Teri's pretty cautious when it comes to anything that could touch her, Penny's smarter than to touch the stuff out of curiousity, Rachel went home, and me, Gumball and Tobias were stopped before we even came close to the scene.

Anais: Yeah, but your reasoning has one flaw. There was a chance that, out of the people you mentioned, one of them had touched it. I think I know who that person might be.

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