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Continuation of How The Grinch Brought Elmore.

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Will Gumball and his friend survive their doom?


Gumball laid on the ground, exhausted. It had been seven hours since school ended, and they still had no progress on escape. Stacy looked at the door in disgrace. She felt as if she had let her fried down. To her suprise, everyone felt the same way. The clock was ticking. Seven hours . . . six hours . . . five hours . . .

The door wouldn't budge. It was getting close to 9:30, and still no escape plans. Suddenly, the windows rattled, and then there was a gigantic explosion that resulted in glass being spread across the floor.

"Home-made bombs!", an anonymous person said. "They work!" Suddenly, after the ash cleared-up, Gumball and his friends were looking at the confident face of Tobias carrying a grenade gun.

"Come on! There's not much time - the guards are almost here!" Within 5 minutes, the entire group of friends were in the school yard, watching as Mayor Vanderwick was arguing with his guards.

"Come on guys," Gumball said, "let's get outta here!" Everyne followed not Gumball, but Tobias, who was leading then towards the junkyard. Gumball remained behing his friends, sneaking past enemy lines - when suddenly . .

"Help! They've got me!!!" As the four friends looked back, they saw Gumball being pumeld by the guards and being pinched with pitchfoks. Suddenly more guards appeared, and pretty soon Tobias had gotten himself involved, blasting away with his grenade gun. As he and Gumball were dragged toward the school by the foot by two guards who had overpowered him , Tobias yelled,

"Run before the guards get you!!! Save yourselves!" And the doors of the school slammed shut as Tobias and Gumball were dragged to their dooms.