In a spoof of Brentalfloss' Dr. Mario WITH LYRICS song, Gumball sing a song about being a doctor.

Plot (or Lyrics)

~Dr. Mario Fever theme plays.~

Gumball: I am Dr. Gumball and I am saving lives!

I look different in this cartoon - a lab coat, glasses, fireworks, laugh gases!

I am Dr. Gumball and I prescribe hi-fives!

~Slaps Darwin.~

Wait where's my stock of medicine? ~Sees Darwin~ Hahaha! You fell down!

In Elmore, California (or elsewhere) I'm the finest one by far.

I get by by watching Adventure Time and my show!

Take these colored pens!

And these dirty lens!

Just in case you run into Ron McTin!

Take off your shoes.

~Larry does so.~

Good! Now let's see.

Turn your head and cough.

~Larry does so.~

OK now go get lost at sea! Please?

Does it hurt to pee?

Tobias: No.

Gumball: Is it hard to pee?

Tobias: I said no.

Gumball: I am diagnosing you with HIV.

Tobias: WHAT?!?!

Gumball: You got prolong-metititis, dougolingtons, hipititis.

You also have gongontititis.

You need red and blue pill doses.

Wait wait! I'm wrong! Your Mr . . . . Krabs?

Take these colored pens - and these dirty lens!

Just in case you run into Ron McTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!

I dig that music floss!

~Brentalfloss plays the piano.~

Dr. Gumball (not Mario)!

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