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Continuation of Elmore: 12 Years Into the Future.

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Elmore: 12 Years Into the Future (Part 1)


Gumball - against his own will - goes to Delmore to visit his old friend Stace. Also, he met Emily Cartridge.

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Gumball turns-up on the exit that leads to Delmore, getting more and more nervous the closer he gets to Delmore.

Darwin: There's Delmore Junior High!

Gumball: Already? -looks at map- Oh. We entered Delmore two minutes ago.

All three get of the car and enter the vacant school. They still see that the teachers of the school are having a party in the coffee room.

Martha: I can hear music.

Gumball: -knocking- What's going on in there?

Darwin: Obviously there's a party going-on.

Dan: Hmm . . . a party after the holiday vacation starts, eh? This could make a great story! -takes-out notebook and begins writing-

Gumball knock harder on the door until someone hangs-up a sign that reads: NO UNAUTHORIZED PEOPLE ALLOWED.

Darwin: Uh-oh.

Gumball: -relieved- Well obviously she's not in there. Quick, let's leave before -

???: Who's over there?

The four turns their heads around.

Darwin: Its - its -

Gumball: Stace!

Stace: Gumball! Martha! Darwin - and Dan!

They share a hug and start a conversation.

Stace: So, what brings you to Delmore, Gumball? I thought you'd never want to visit this place after you-know-what.

Gumball: Darwin made me. Besides, why aren't you inside partying with the other teachers?

Stace: I'm an after-school teacher. You know, I tutor students that are behind on certain subjects and such.

Darwin: But you DID graduate, right?

Stace: Yep. Youngest person ever to do so they said. I guess spending my life studying was a good habit.

Gumball: So - how's your family doing?

Stace: I'm not married.

Darwin: He means your mom!

Stace: Well, she's kinda fine, she's in Caraibes, but sad. My uncle died in a car accident in November.

Gumball: Oh - uh . . . sorry for your loss. -akwardly steps away-

Stace: Don't worry. I still got the rest of my life to look forward to now that I passed college.

Martha: In that case, you wanna join us?

Stace: For what?

Gumball: Oh - only a roadtrip to visit old friends and Elmore.

Stace: Sounds fun. But I gotta stay to tutor students.

Gumball: Oh. Then I guess we'll go now.

Stace: Ugh... Stop a sec. If you meet Emily,... tell her I miss her.

Martha: I thought you meet every week.

Stace: Well, I'm mostly busy and I don't have time to meet her.

Gumball, Darwin, Martha and Dan go back to the car.

Gumball: Well, that's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Gumball drives past the neighborhood. Suddenly he spots something that nearly makes him very - Emily Cartridge staring at him from her garden.

Gumball: -stops the car- Hey Emily!

Emily: What a fungee*! Gumball!

Gumball gets up from the car and hugs her.

Gumball: What happened to you? You've dissapered when I was 14!

Emily: Actually, I moved here then! I'm still living with Andrew -he's a mechanic- and Karen -now a teacher-. My mom moved in Arkansas and we talk with her on Spike*.

Dan: Hey, Em...

Emily: OMG, DAN! Do you met Stace?

Dan: Yeah. She said she miss you.

Emily: Oh, she's such a good girl. I wonder why she doesn't phone me...

Gumball: We're busy and we must go. Bye!

While he drives to Elmore, Gumball notices Budur on the streed. He slams on the gas and quickly drvies to Elmore.

Dan: Gumball, what the heck? You could've gotten a ticket for speeding!

Gumball: You have no idea.

Gumball drives into Elmore where he recognizes the shops and other things he saw as a 12-year-old.

Gumball: Hey look - Ripley 2000! The place that gave us a faulty game console.

Darwin: Dad sure gave them a lesson . . . in court.

Dan: Hey, there's the former Elmore daily news office!

Martha: And there's Elmore Junior High!!!

All: Wow.

Gumball: I never thought I'd see these places again.

Gumball pulls-up his mini-van on the drive-way of his old house.

Anais: Well look who came back for the holidays.

Mabel: Better said, guess who returned!

Gumball: MABEL!

Cobby: Hey dude!

Martha: Hehe.

Nicole and Richard come out and everyone has a rejioceful reunion.

Nicole: Why, hello Dan! How's the past 12 years been going?

Dan: Pretty well.

Richard: Nice to hear that whoever you are.

Nicole: -whispering to Richard- Hush! We're trying to be polite.

Dan: Actually I'm not that offended Mrs. Watterson.

Nicole: -suprised- Um, ok.

Gumball: Ah . . . . old memories.

Everyone enter the house and eat dinner that Cobby had coincedentally made.

Martha: Cobbah, did you learned to cook?

Cobby: Hum... Yeah. Actually Mrs. Watterson. taugh me.

Nicole: -giggles- Oh, Cobby, you're such a gentleman...

Martha: Let's see what our kids did while we were out...

Reginald and Heloise* entry in the room, with Kiki*, Tyler, Andy, Catrin and baby Ariana.

Catrin: Hey guys! -gives Kiki to Martha- I think she missed you-

Martha: -with Kiki in her arms- What's the others doing?

Cobby: Well, everything is same. Caroline is in a tournee with Austin Didier* and Annabelle is at college.

Mabel: And Rayona's married with a Mexican buisnessman!

Gumball: What a good way to spend the holidays.


  • "Fungee" means happiness, joy in Emily's jargon.
  • Spike is a refference to Skype.
  • This is the list of the kids in future -the names in bold are for kids who aren't still born in the fanfic, the name in italic are for adopted kids-:
    • Reginald and Heloise (twins) and Kiki - Martha and Gumball
    • Rebbeca, Anne and Jason - Mabel and Cobby
    • Tyler, Ariana and Doyle - Catrin and Andy
    • Unnamed quadruplets - Rayona and the Mexican buisnessman
    • Kayla - Anais
    • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky - Caroline and Austin
    • Marissa - Darwin and Lynn
  • Austin Didier is a refference to JB.

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