Emillianne "Emily" Janet Cartridge-Kowalski
Age 12
Gender Female
Aliases Emily, Emillianne
Residence Elmore
Species Cat
Friends Mabel, Stace, Anais and Gumball Watterson
Relatives Kristen Cartridge (mother),Karen Cartridge (sister),

Andrew Kowalski (step-brother), Leonard Kowalski (step-father)

Debut Emily in Delmore (Actually, in The New, her evil self appears)


Emillianne "Emily" Janet Cartridge-Kowalski is the main protagonist of the Cartoon Network series, The Emily Cartridge Show. She is a 7th Grader 12-13-year-old light yellow cat who is the weird girl of the Cartridge family. She has a step-brother, a white cat called Andrew, a light yellow cat sister named Karen, their mother, a light yellow cat, named Kristen, and their white cat step-father named Leonard. Emily and and her best friend, Stace Stuffings mainly go to Delmore Junior High where Emily had a crush on an named Ross Warren who also has a crush on her. Her biggest enemy is the school bully, a ballon named Kayla Balloon, as well as the school teacher, a sadistic 300,000 year old baboon named Mister Baboon. Emily can also be a jerk at times, but then learns her lesson at the end. She also gets in lots of trouble.


Emily is a light yellow cat. On her oversized head, she has six whiskers. In her old oufit, she wore dark blue denim skirt coupled with a grenadine sweater with a blue scarf. Like her mother and sister, Emily wore light grey boots, and was the only member of the Cartridges with turqouise eyes.

In her Redesign, Emily has a circle-shaped head, a nose similar to Daisy's and short straight orange-yellow hair. She wears a green Ben 10 hoodie coupled with a very dark grey leather skirt. Her shoes and socks are similar to Dipper's from Gravity Falls, but the shoes are dark purple.

In Season 4, she's blind and her hair is shorter. She wears asort of hoodie-sweater-dress, and dark blue leggins. Her shoes are same.


Emily is a fun-loving, imaginative, optimistic, and a very mischievous cat. When her mishaps get herself into a mess, she usually attempts to fix things with somewhat dimwitted ideas, which usually get her into even more trouble than before. No matter how her schemes resolve themselves, Emily's naivete stops him from learning her lesson. She usually plans her mishaps with Stace. Like Stace, Emily does not appear to notice deception, which may mean that she is too optimistic to notice most negative things around her.

Emily has a big ego and it is where she is most sensitive, though otherwise she is usually positive on all matters concerning him. Emily is somewhat smart. For instance, at times she acts really stupid and goes to great illogical lengths to find something; however, she has shown some degree of cleverness in other instances. Her antics have gotten her in dangerous and often life-threatening situations, usually saved by luck someone more sensible at the time.

She is a good cook, making a very good sandwich for Andrew as mentioned in Tell Me Your Secret, and is shown making a good (albeit spicy) meal for him in the same episode. However, in I've Never Seen Something Big, Emily makes disgusting food for Karen, consisting of a rotten fish between bread slices and an old shoe.



Even though Stace doesn't have any family relationship, Emily shares a genuine sibling connection with Stace. The two girls have a big imagination and like to get into mischief. They get along very well, although they argue at times. However, Emily can be a bad influence on Stace. Emily sometimes turns her nose up at Stace's ideas and they both go for a more childish or foolish approach.


Emily usually relies on Karen with her problems. She likes to inform Emily that she is right and Emily is wrong. Although Emily will never admit it, she actually loves and admires her sister and knows that Karen is right about things most of the time.


Emily usually relies on Andrew with his problems. He likes to inform Emily that he is right and Emily is wrong. Although Emily will never admit it, she actually loves and admires her step-brother and knows that Andrew is right about things most of the time.


Emily loves her weird mother very much and inherits her silliness from her. She does not like to admit to normality to her mother because of Kirsten's weird temper.


Emily loves her step-father very much, even though he doesn't have any family relationship by blood . However, Leo can be tough on Emily when the situation demands it and completely aloof otherwise. She's also been known to make fun of him sometimes and use their foolishness to her advantage. As seen on an Delmore Stream video, Emily likes to poke Leo's "weird bit on his belly" when he is unaware of it. Leo reacts strongly to this, making the same "Dah!" noise after every poke.

Voice Actors

  • Christina Mungosini (voice) and Christina Mangotti(sing) (US/UK/Italy)
  • Kineki Honetko (Japan)
  • Bernardine Augustin (France)
  • Afrodita Androne(voice) and Claudia Susanu (sing) (Romania)
  • Pamela Lyres (Mexico/Latin America)
  • Rebekka Weissfeld (Danish)
  • Adriana Torres (Brazil)
  • Cláudia Torres (Portugal)



  • Emily sometimes exhibits more naturalistic cat behaviors such as moving her ears and tail, meowing, and retracting her claws.
  • Emily's sweater was revealed to have been found by his mom in a sewage outlet in Found It.
  • Emily is shown to have some health issues. In Kayla's Time , it is shown that Emily has a torn muscle and some scars from an operation.
  • Emily is terrible at catching things, as shown in Quest My Quest.
  • Emily hates watching teleshopping, as shown in Stay Out, Emily! .
  • Emily has been shown to be a horrible liar on numerous occasions.
  • She has hidden hips, which is unusual because this feature is more commonly known on male characters in animation.
  • Both Emily and Andrew placed 4th in The Dumbest since they both forfeited at the same time.
  • In The Math Club, Kristen reveals that she and Emily's real father agreed to give her the middle name "Jane", but Kristen confused it for "Janet" on Emily's birth certificate. Her middle name was also confirmed as "Janet" on James Lamont's Formspring.
  • Emily has arachnophobia, which is a strong fear of spiders, as shown in The Date.
  • In The Fight , it's revealed that Kayla actually thought of herself as Emily's friend.
  • It is revealed in The Date that Emily plays the clarinet.
  • It is revealed in The Acceptance that Emily became blind.
  • She claims that she has a twin sister, but this is unlikely, because of the tone she said it and due to being a liar. Unless she was refering at Evilline.

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