Emily Packingson (formerly Emily Cartridge) is an antagonist in the movie and game "The Amazing World of Gumball" and also a villain in "The Amazing World of Gumball: Wrath of Derizzio."

Emily has green skin, just like John (who has much darker green skin) and is 12 years old.  In the movie, she took over Elmore until Brandon and Techmo deleted the Varcez Virus.

In the games, Emily took over China's gold industry, and in "Wrath of Derizzio" she had taken over Singapore (where the former Umbrella II Corporation stood).


Emily Packingson (Cartridge), back in 2013, had taken over Elmore, overthrowing the current mayor of the city.  In 2014, she served to Mei Szing (deceased) as the queen of the gold industry in China for 6 months, and thus being the queen of Singapore after getting help from Derizzio, the Deathrage Crawler King (deceased).  She has really sharp claws and used Brotherhood of China (Brandon-Manian) guards to block the entranceways of her paths.  She knows Mei Szing because her father had formerly worked with him and his father, Chai Szing. When Brandon, Gumball, and Darwin time-traveled to the year 2018, she had taken over Elmore, Tokyo, China, Russia, and Germany (which she was a very powerful dictator).

Emily Packingson (Cartridge)





Light Green Cat






Elmore mayor (2013) China gold industry (2014) Singapore queen (2014) Dictator (2018)

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