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Emily Cartridge goes through high school with her prodigy friend, Anais Watterson.

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Emily in Delmore, Part 2

Emily in Delmore is a fan-fiction by MissingNo. This is Part 1. Remember to leave feedback on my talk page!

* = See Trivia


Emily Cartridge, an eleven year old cat, goes through sixth grade* in Delmore Junior High with her best friend Anais.

Characters used in this chapter

  • Emily Cartridge
  • Anais Watterson
  • Mister Baboon
  • Mrs. Cartridge
  • Principal Hair
  • Kayla Balloon (cameo)
  • Stoney Rock (cameo)


Emily Cartridge is dropped off by her mother to school in Delmore. She feels very nervous.

Emily: Mom, are you sure I can't just skip the first day of school?

Mrs. Cartridge: -offended- Heavens, no! I want my girl to grow up and be smart, like that Watterson kid!

Emily: -confused- Who?

Mrs. Cartridge: You'll meet her soon. Now go! You'll be late!

Emily: -sigh- Fine...

Emily: -thinking- Hope I survive like I did in grade school...

-In class, Mister Baboon is taking attendence-

Mister Baboon: Ok, is Kayla Balloon here?

Kayla: Here!

Mister Baboon: Is Stoney Rock here?

Stoney: I'm here!

Mister Baboon: Good. Anais Watterson?

Anais: I'm here, sir!

Mister Baboon: I'm sorry, but you are a three-year old* rabbit... did you get mixed up with another Anais?

Emily: -thinking- So that is the child prodigy Anais Watterson, on the Channel Nine news? Unbelievable...

Mister Baboon: Is Emily Cartridge here?

Emily: -Still thinking- Just imagine, a three-year old girl in sixth grade? I don't believe it!

Mister Baboon: -louder- Hello, Emily?

Emily: -thinking some more- If only could befriend her...

Mister Baboon: -screaming- Emily Cartirdge! Wake up!

-Emily falls of her chair from the shock of the outburst-

Classmates: Hahaha!!!

Kayla: Look at that stupid girl!

Classmate: She can't even listen to the teacher!

Mister Baboon: Emily, go to the office! Now!

-Emily walks away in tears, with Anais staring at her as she leaves-

Anais: Poor little cat... just like my brother, Gumball...

Emily is in the office, sitting in a chair with the principal. She is even more anxious than she was before, and is slumping in her chair.

Principal: Ok, Emily. I heard from Mister Baboon that you did not listen to him.

Emily: Yeah... So?

Principal: What?! Are you being defiant?!

Emily: You tell me...

-reads principal's name tag-

Emily: ...Mr. Hair. Haha!

Principal Hair: My name is NOT funny! Here is your detention slip! Now get out!

-Emily reads the detention slip, saying "DENTENTION NOTICE FOR: Emily Cartridge. Must be signed by parent"-

Emily: Oh god, My mom's gotta see this too?! Ugh.

-At lunchtime-

Emily: Well, at least the food looks decent. Who should I sit with...

???: Come sit with me, Emily!

-Emily takes a look at the person who called her-

Emily: Anais?

End of part 1! Leave feedback/comments on MissingNo.'s Talk Page!


  • This story takes place one year before the actual show's time, suggesting that Gumball Watterson is in 7th grade in the original show.


A Journalistic Review: 9.7/10

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