Emily in Delmore, Part 2




Part No.

Part Two




Continuation of Emily in Delmore.

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Emily in Delmore is a fanfiction made by MissingNo. This is Part 2. Remember to leave feedback and comments on MissingNo.'s Talk page!

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Emily: W-what do you want, Anais?

Anais: -shocked- I just wanted to sit with you...

Emily: -sigh- Ok. Sorry, I'm a bit stressed out.

-Emily sits next to Anais on the table and takes a bite of her mashed potatoes-

Emily: So, you're that "child prodigy" everyone is talking about.

Anais: I hate that term. "Prodigy". Do you know what it's like to have everyone treat you like a freak?

Emily: No. Do you know what it's like to have detention?

Anais: No... I guess we have a lot to learn about each other!

-both share a laugh-

Anais: Anyways, detention is OK. Compared to Kayla.

Emily: -confused- Kayla?

Anais: Kayla Balloon. The school bully, with her friends.

Emily: I'd hate to run into a loser like that. Haha!

-Kayla steps up behind Emily-

Kayla: I think the loser here is you, Emily Cartridge.

-Emily slowly turns behind her-

Emily: -frightened- Kayla?

Kayla: Not so confident now, huh? Insult me like that again, and I'll get Stoney to beat you up. Just you wait...

Anais: What does it matter to you, Kayla? She only spoke the truth.

Kayla: -ferocious- What did you say, pipsqueak?!

Anais: You heard me, Kayla. Back off or I pop that thick head of yours.

Kayla: You don't have the guts, pipsqueak. Try and hurt me.

Anais: I'd like to see you hurt me.

Kayla: ...Ngh! This isn't over, you pipsqueak!

-Kayla walks away-

Emily: Wow Anais, you really showed her! Haha!

'Anais: 'Ok, now finish you lunch. We're going to Music Class!

Emily: -thinking- Music, my favorite subject...

End of Part Two! Leave feedback/comments on MissingNo.'s Talk Page!

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