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Emily in Delmore is a fanfiction created by contributor MissingNo.


Emily: Oh, hey there, Martin.

Martin looks back at Emily.

Martin: Who are you and what do you want?

Emily: I'm Emily Cartridge, and I came to tell you that you can't tell Kayla about our mob prank!

Martin: Oh, you're Emily. Whatever, it's not like any kid will riot on Kayla. She's a popular kid, like me!

Emily: Shut up. The rest of the school hates Kayla. You just seem oddly oblivious to that fact. Now, you have to promise not to tell Kayla!

Martin: Or else what?

Emily: Um...

Martin: That's what I thought. Besides, everyone loves Kayla.

Martin walks past Emily down the hallway.

Emily: ...darn it.

At the cafetaria, Emily and Anais are sitting at their table alone. Stoney was sick that day.

Anais: You couldn't convince him?

Emily: I couldn't give him a reason not to tell!

Anais: -sigh- We might as well ask Bobert again.

Emily: No! It's too late, he's probably already told her!

Anais: But we can't give up! If we can pull this off, Kayla could finally get what she deserves!

Emily: But everybody loves Kayla! We can't do that!


Anais: It won't work. Maybe we should just give-

Anais slaps Emily right across the face before she could finish the sentence.

Anais: Sorry, I had to.

Emily: Wow, I didn't know you had it in you.

Anais: I know. First time I slapped someone. But I'm pretty sure no one can like that beast. I mean, Stoney hated her, right?

Emily: Yeah...

Anais: Then the rest of the school would probably hate her too!

Emily: But what about Martin?

Anais: Hm... he probably hasn't told Kayla yet.

Emily: What?! How?

Anais: Remember? Martin only meets with Kayla once a day, at eighth period. If we can convince him then, the prank will go as planned!

Emily: Great! But, how can we convince him?

Anais: Let's think... is there anything that he can't lose, no matter what?

Emily and Anais think to themselves, when they both come to the same answer.

Both: His popularity!

Anais: He can't stand school if he wasn't popular! I mean, we would know, right?

Emily: Yeah!

Anais: Maybe we could say we can get rid of his popularity, even though we can't, to save a lot of energy.

Emily: That's not what I was thinking, but yours is okay too.

Anais: What?

Emily: I didn't say anything.

Later, Anais and Emily meet at the lunch table again. Stoney is back at school. Anais and Emily tell Stoney about everything that's been happening.

Stoney: So, were you able to convince Martin?

Anais: Well... yes! It actually worked! Under one circumstance.

Emily: What's that?

Anais: We give Kayla one warning before the prank starts.

Emily: Hm, that's okay. We can just tell her right before the prank so she has no chance to fight back.

Stoney: This is great! This prank will work after all!

Anais: Don't get too worked up. This prank isn't happening until tommorrow.

Emily: I can't wait.

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