Epic Rap Battles 4





Ben Bocquelet, William Shakespear


Xuelius Monosrove



This is a mini song series. There are seperate parts, which can be found here.


The creator of The Amazing World of Gumball Ben Bocquelet, goes-up against the most famous poet of all time: William Shakespear in the 4th installment of the Epic Rap Battles!







William Shakespear:

Come bite my thumb I hope you know the stakes!

I'll put a thumb between your shoulder blades - then as what through yonder poser breaks?

I hath been iambic on that ass ye idiot!

My creations are classic - your garbage is drafted from a kindergardener high on acid!

Ye loser - your an old soldier boy who has no swag - and no gonads egads it's so sad.

And to top it off your not British - I've never seen such a softer producer!

Ye crook you - i bet you created the Harry Potter movies too!

Ben Bocquelet:

-Bocquelet brings-out a piece of paper and folds it to make it look like Gumball Watterson.-

Gumball: (coming to life) I wouldn't, couldn't on the road - read any of the boring plays you wrote.

Even Darwin doesn't want to hear you - and Anais who is afraid to go near you!

You bore people to death - you leave a classroom looking like the end of Macbeth!

I entertain a child o any age - you gotta translate what you say on the opposite page!

How you gonna battle with Gumball the cat? Little kids get happy when I step on the mat.

You think your ruffle-neck friends gonna rap after that?

I gotta a good cartoon about me coming back.

-Bocquelet slides the Gumball-folded paper into his pocket with a confident look on his face.-

William Shakespear:

I'm switching-up my style like like the Beatles with my peices - each is such a wonder with a plethora of features.

Your pathetically predictable - you think your cartoon might include the trisyllabic meter and a ghetto ghost creature.

The bard is in the building it's a castle - I'm the boss.

I bet the parliament, I'm positive, I'm killing it - I'm iller than than the plague - I never caught or cholera a baller baller on some cricket bowler business while your sitting in the bleachers!

Ben Bocquelet:

-Ben, shocked by Shakespears' fast raping, quickly brings-out the Gumball-folded piece of paper.-

Gumball: Woah. You rap fast you do - yes you fast it's true - BUT let's see how you rap verses Eggheads 1 and 2!

-Gumball open the staircase where two egg geeks are sleeping. Gumball wakes them-up and the eggheads get ready.-

Eggheads: (clears throats) Oh - oh no! We'll smash your globe! Yo you may have wrote the script - but now we runnin' the show!

You can take your fancy words and send them back home to your mama - break our off in your but - with our feetie pajamas!

Then we'll cook you-up and eat you with some ham and green eggs! Break-off on your legs make no mistake - we in a rage!

All does not end well when we bust-out our cage! You gettin' upstaged Bill - yo you just got played!

WHO Won?

WHO'S Next?



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