Esther Bunny (real name Esther Ostern) is the newest character, who debuts in the first S4 episode. She's the daughter of the Easter Bunny and one of the smartest characters (Let's say she's on 6th place).

Esther Ostern






12(in Season 1 and 2), 13 (in Season 3 and in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie), 17 (in The Amazing World of Gumball: After Years)



Also Known as:

Esther, Easter Bunny Jr.


Gumball, Mabel, Martha, Cobby, Darwin, Chardonnay, Bloom, Zachary, Anais, Rachel, Tina, Rayona


Jamie, Crypto


The Easter Bunny(Father), Paqqi (Sister)

Voiced By:

Kristen Bell


Esther is a very, very pale purple-grey bunny. She has a tuff of fur, covering her forehead, as hair. Her attire consists in a long-sleeved purple cardigan over a white shirt, a grey skirt, and mallow shoes.


Esther is considered to be very confident, smart, passionate and a loyal teenager. For her certain age, she is very outgoing like all the other teenagers, she tends to hang out with her friends in their main gathering hang out.

Though happy and optimistic, Esther has a hidden anger (define as "Lion's Rage" by Martha) at which everyone always think twice before doing an action on Esther and even the smallest mistakes can make her angry.

Esther has a hating for traitors and she hates the word "betrayal", due to the fact that she experienced one traumatic experience at the age of 12, when her ex-best friend befriend Esther's biggest enemy while she was sick. Esther is a friendly person and she will become very emotional when her friendship with someone is broken.

Esther is revealed to be sort of athletic and shows that she is good at free running or parkour, but she can't skate. Esther is shown to be a nerd-geek and she loves reading books that centers adventures and friendship, though she criticizes books that are cliche.


  • Her younger sister Paqqi is a chicken (Bunnies and chickens are symbols of Easter)

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