Etha Stuffings
Age 35
Gender Female
Aliases Etha
Residence Elmore
Species Teddy bear
Friends Clowny
Enemies None mentioned
Relatives Stace Stuffings (daughter),Sophie Stuffings (daughter), Xon Jiang (stepson), Mr. Jiang (husband), Uncle Phil (brother)
Debut Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza


Etha Stuffings is the mother of Stace Stuffings who debuted in the Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza fanfiction. She can't stand if Sophie has a problem with Xon. Etha always helps Stace if Xon push her or others.


Stace Stuffings

Her youngest daughter. Etha always helps her to many things, but Xon prevents them to be closer.

Xon Jiang

Her stepson. Xon is a troublemaker and prevents Etha to stay longer with her ​​daughters.

Sophie Stuffings

Her eldrest daughter. Etha can't stand if Sophie has a problem with Xon.



  • According to the creator of Etha, her first husband is deceased and she's married with a rich Chinese businessman .
  • In Stace's Thanksgiving Extravaganza Part 3, it is revealed that Mrs. Stuffings' real name is Etha.

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