Fan Fiction

Episode begins with Everybody sittin in the class

Penny Talks to Aguilera

Penny: I Gotta know who the New student Is?

Aguilera: Yeah me Too *She said Flatly*

Then Simian Comes into the Class

Miss Simian: OKAY CLASS! As you heard theres a New Student in the Class Today and here she is

Then Cheryl Jumps in

Cheryl: Hey Guys My Name is Cheryl Garven but you can just call me Cheryl!

Then all the Boys gets Heart Shaped eyes

Cheryl: My Favorite Food is Chicken Sausages and i like Intellegent Boys Im 153 Cm Tall and From the top My Sizez are 85, 52, and 81,

Miss Simian: As You just heard Cheryl has a Good Figure so I think she's gonna be a Great Student!

Cheryl: You see im New here on Elmore Junior High so Maybe will one of you Guys

Cheryl: *Attractive Voice* Bet me Around

Tobias: I WILL!

Banana Joe: No Me!

Bobert: What About me!!!

Cheryl: Hmmmm Fireball! Will you show me around

Fireball Speeds Fastly Over to Cheryl

Fireball: YES YES! I will! *Fast Talkin*

Then Tobias Joe and Bobert Gets Angry on Fireball

Tobias: Fireball why are you always gettin the Cute Girl!

Banana Joe: Yeah we wanna Know!

Fireball: Maybe Because Im More Atlethic Smarter and Way More Good Lookin Than You Guys

Cheryl:Come on Fireball we dont wanna Lose time!

Then Cheryl Rushes off with Fireball

Aguilera: Did Cheryl Just Rush off with my Boyfriend?

Penny: Cheryl Garven?

Penny: Aguilera? Are Cheryl In Your Family tree?

Aguilera: Yeah! She's My Cousin! Conversation Over!

Penny: She's So Cool!

Aguilera: SAY WOOD?!

Scene Changes to Aguilera And Penny Is Sittin In The Cafeteria and Eatin Lunch

Aguilera: Why is Fireball Spending so much Time with Cheryl?

Aguilera: We Used to Eat Lunch Together!

Aguilera: We Used To Laugh Together!

Aguilera: We Used to Feed Each other!

Aguilera: Thats Enough!

Then Aguilera Rises Her bat

Aguilera: Now I Will turn her Into A FROG!

While Aguilera Is Walkin Over to Cheryl Penny holds Tie Around Aguilera's Leg

Penny: No! Aguilera Dont do it!

Aguilera: And Why I Shouldnt I?!

Penny: Cuz she's So Awesome And Way More Good looking than You!

Aguilera: What?!

Aguilera And Penny is now in the Girls Bathroom

Aguilera: Why do you think she's So Awesome!?

Aguilera: She's Evil! She's a Trader and i Hate her!

Penny: Aguilera, You Dont know Anything About her Even Thought She's Your Cousin! (She said Upsetly)

Penny: (Sigh) I will go back to the Cafeteria..

Then Penny Walks out of the Girls Bathroom

Aguilera: What?..

After School Aguilera is in her House

Aguilera Takes her Iphone and Rings to Fireball

Aguilera: Hey Fireball! We Havent Talk So Much

Aguilera: The Hold School Day!

Fireball: Oh Im Very Sorry Aguilera I was Showin Cheryl Around..

Aguilera: I know..Maybe you wanna Go Out and Eat Dinner Later?

Fireball: Oh I Can't Im Going to show Cheryl the Hold Town Tonight!

Aguilera: Wh-wh-whaaaat?!

Fireball: Talk to you Later!

Then Fireball Hangs up

Aguilera: Bu-bu-bu-bubu

Aguilera Keeps Studderin

Then Aguilera Sits Down in the Couch

Aguilera: Does..Does Fireball find Cheryl More Interesting than Me?..

Scene Changes to the Library Where Fireball is Readin A Book with Cheryl

Fireball: And thats How! Magnets Works!

Cheryl: You So Clever Fireball!

Fireball: Yeah I Know

Aguilera is Next To Fireball

Aguilera: You Almost know Everything!

Then Aguilera Hugs Fireball Very Very Hardly!!

Fireball: Aguilera Aguilera!! You Chokin me!

Aguilera: Oh Sorry!


Cheryl: Geez Fireball! We Better get you to the Nurse!

Then Cheryl Walks off with Fireball

Aguilera: Oh..

Scene Changes to the Hold Class who is Followin Cheryl

Penny: Can i sit Next to you?

Carrie: Shall we Hang out Later?

Banana Joe: Whats your Number?

Then Cheryl Stops walkin

Cheryl: Hmm? Hey Guys

Everybody: Yes?

Cheryl: Could you Do Me a Favour?

Penny: Anything for you Cheryl

Cheryl: Catch Aguilera and Give her to Me!

Everybody: YES MAM!

Then the Rest of the Class Rushes off to Get Aguilera

Cheryl: Hahah! Its great to be Evil!

Scene Changes to Aguilera who is Sadly Walkin down at the Hallway..

Carmen: Where she Is!

Tina Rex: Get her!!

Aguilera: What In the world?!

Then Aguilera Runs away from the Class who is Chasin her

She Reaches the Door out of the School And Runs out on the Street

Aguilera: Why are they Chasin Me?!

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