Summery: Gumball is struck with Fox Pox, and Darwin needs to find the one responsible.

Gumball: Oh, I feel so...-ACHOO!-...bad! My fur is orange, and my tail is unkempt, and won't stay clean! I...-ACHOO!-...hate the Fox Pox!
Darwin: Don't worry, Gumball. I'll find out who caused the Fox Pox. I'm not a cat, so the person won't infect me!
Gumball: Aw buddy, you'll...-ACHOO! that for me?
Darwin: No.
-Gumball looks at Darwin-
Darwin: Just kidding, of course!
Gumball: Okay...-ACHOO!-...just do it quickly!
Darwin: Got it!
-Darwin salutes and walks away-
Gumball: ...I'm...-ACHOO!-...doomed.

Darwin: Now where to find Fox Pox...
-A fox quickly scurries past Darwin, coughing and sneezing heavily-
Darwin: I think I found him!
-Darwin breaks into a run after the fox, who notices immediately-
Fox: Ah, a fish is chasing me! -Cough! Sneeze!- H-h-help!
-The fox slows down-
Fox: Oh! ...You know, not many people know about the Fox Pox.
Darwin: Well, my buddy Gumball has the Fox Pox, and I need the person who done it. The internet said that the 2 infected together breaks the Pox. Sounds like a curse being lifted!
Fox: If you said that earlier, I wouldn't have ran. Oh, my name is Foxy Lox.
Darwin: Darwin Watterson! If you would just follow me...

Gumball: DARWIN! Who is THAT?
Foxy: I'm Foxy Lox. I was the one who gave you my Fox Pox...Sorry.
Gumball: It's fine...Wait...My head doesn't feel clouded anymore! I don't feel like sneezing, either!
Foxy: Me too! Wow, the cure was actually lifted!
Gumball: ...So, you wanna end the story with a cheesy joke and laugh?
Foxy: Uh, sure.
Darwin: What a "Foxy" ending!
Everyone: Har har har har!


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