Frodo's Grandparents

Frodo's grandparents are minor characters in the Amazing World of Gumball FanFiction.

Frodo's Grandmother

Frodo has an unnamed grandmother who is a beige colored dog


She is a beige colored dog who usaully wears a long light purple dress.


She is very kind and loving, like most grandmas are. She usually does normal grandma-like things, like baking cookies and knitting sweaters.

Frodo's Grandfather

Not much is known about Frodo's unnamed Grandfather


He is a brown dog. Because he is old, his fur is slowly turning grey.


Not much is known about his personality yet.


Frodo, Fido and Rex

They love their grandsons very much


They are the parents of Bella and they also love her


They don't interact much with him, but that doesn't mean they dislike him.

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