Frodo Sanders
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: May 20th, 2000
Species: Dog
Also Known as: Frods (by Drace)
Occupation: Student
Friends: Skylar Peterson
Drace Licorice Landerson
Maddie Hewbert
Ian (formerly)
Enemies: Ian
Relatives: Bella (mother)
Buddy (father)
Fido (older brother)
Spot (younger brother)
Debut: The Dance

Frodo Sanders is a brown dog who debuted in the fanfiction The Dance, where he helped Maddie try not to ruin the dance. Frodo likes being with friends more than being with his family, to the point once got stuck at an airport with them after an accident. He gets a lot of advice from his "punk rock" older brother, Fido Sanders.


Frodo is a light brown dog with an average build, messy dark hair, and few darker spots spread over his body. He has a light blue short-sleeved shirt and dark indigo jeans. He doesn't wear any shoes, but occasionally wears a blue helmet.


Frodo seems to be the average student in school, getting normal grades and never really getting in trouble. But that doesn't mean that he's a teacher's pet at all. If anything, after school he's a true daredevil. Frodo hates that he's so good at school and wishes that he could be a lot more like Skylar than Ian. Ian really does think that he's Frodo's role model, but this disgusts Frodo even more.



Skylar and Frodo have been close friends since they were in elementary school. He doesn't think of her as weird or annoying like other kids at Higginsbury High; he believes she is "pretty cool", and this opinion never seems to change. They hang out in school, but during summer or weekends, Frodo is around Skylar whenever she can be.


Frodo and Drace never really have active conversations or such like he and Skylar. They seem to enjoy each others' company, however, but express it in actions rather than words.


Maddie occasionally keeps Frodo as her sidekick, and he doesn't mind it since she reminds him of Ian. He is the only one who constantly believes Maddie is one hundred percent redeemable and is not annoyed by her attitude (while Skylar wants to show Maddie's good side to others but it usually backfires, Alexis is somehow scared by her, and Drace is... not so pleased by her presence).


Ian's first "friend", Frodo had been stuck with him during middle school up until ninth grade, when he snapped and told him he's tired of being "the average student". Despite the fact he's appaled by Ian's high opinion on him, Frodo regrets being mean to him, but he's too resentful to apologize.


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