Frodo Sanders
Age 12
Gender Male
Aliases None
Residence Elmore
Species Dog
Friends Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, Skylar Peterson, Alexis, Drake Licorice Landerson, Tobias, Alan
Enemies Miss Simian, Tina Rex, Jamie, Banana Joe, Sussie
Relatives Bella (mother), Buddy (father), Fido (older brother)
Debut The Dance
Frodo Sanders is a brown dog who debuted in the fanfiction The Dance, where he helped Maddie try to ruin the dance. He is a very nice friend, and has a crush on Maddie. Frodo likes being with friends, and once got stuck at an airport with them after an accident. He gets a lot of advice from his "punk rock" older brother, Fido Sanders. He is also one of 20 contestants in the fanfiction Survivor Gumball Island.


Frodo is a dark, brown dog with a few white spots spread over his body. He has a blue-collared shirt and blue jeans. He doesn't wear any shoes.


Frodo is an average student at school, getting normal grades and never really getting in trouble. But that doesn't mean that he's a nerd at all. If anything, after school he's a true daredevil. Frodo hates that he's so good at school and wishes that he could be a lot more like Gumball than Bobert. Bobert really does think that he's Frodo's role model, but this disgusts Frodo even more.


Gumball Watterson

Frodo is a very close friend of Gumball's. He doesn't think of him as weird or annoying like his other friends , and this opinion never seems to change. They are pretty close, and sometimes hang out in school. But during summer or weekends, Frodo is around Gumball whenever he can be.

Darwin Watterson

Frodo and Darwin never really have active conversations or such like he and Gumball. They seem to enjoy each others' company, however, but express it in actions rather than words.

Skylar Peterson

Skylar and Frodo are pretty close friends when around each other. He says that she's pretty cool.


Maddie is Frodo's ex-girlfriend. Frodo and Maddie dont interact much, since he tinks she talks to much.


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