Future Gumball and Darwin
Age 26 (both)
Gender Male (both)
Aliases None (both)
Residence Unknown
Species Cat (Future Gumball)

Fish (Future Darwin)

Friends None
Enemies Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Relatives Penny (Future Gumball's wife)

None (Future Darwin)

Debut Rock and Roll (Part 2)
Future Gumball and Darwin are two alternate forms of Gumball and Darwin from the future that appeared in Rock and Roll (Part 2). They became successful musicians only because of lip-sinking.


Future Gumball

Future Gumball is the brother who's in command. He controls everything and handles the problems he and his brother, Future Darwin, get caught-up in. But he's still not very smart.

Future Darwin

Future Darwin is the brother who stays in the shadows. He doesn't talk much except when he feels threatened, and usually stays-out of Future Gumball's way. He isn't very smart as well.

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